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  1. sciarco

    Best and worst commentator??

    Frost and Earl for me.(Freezer and the Pearl )
  2. sciarco

    Carbon Fiber cleaner?

    Good point Mr.K
  3. sciarco

    Carbon Fiber cleaner?

    Thanks for the responses i won't be using Q Wis on CF shaft.
  4. sciarco

    Carbon Fiber cleaner?

    Is Q Wis shaft cleaner good to use on a carbon fibre shaft
  5. sciarco

    Your favorite pin & why?

    Radial feels nice and tight .
  6. sciarco

    Why I Quit After Playing Almost Everyday for 30 Years

    Black Balled ur bang on.
  7. sciarco

    Why I Quit After Playing Almost Everyday for 30 Years

    As long as ur having fun keep doing it i hit the wrong ball a few times big deal.
  8. sciarco

    Why I Quit After Playing Almost Everyday for 30 Years

    I used to be a pretty good player along time ago now at 71 i still enjoy playing in the OPPL Ontario pool players league . I'm not the player i use to be but it gets me out and that's all that matters.
  9. sciarco

    Kielwood vs Carbon fiber

    It's not the arrow it's the archer.
  10. sciarco

    Three 3 Best Cue Makers in the World

    I had a Jack Madden from Montana i regret selling very nice cue .
  11. sciarco

    Taom Chalk

    That might just work ty.
  12. sciarco

    Taom Chalk

    Is there a link on how to order Pagulayan chalk thanks.
  13. sciarco

    2024 Mosconi Cup predictions (early)

    I always liked Strickland give him the captaincy and see what he can do.
  14. sciarco

    2024 Mosconi Cup predictions (early)

    Europe has a bigger pool to pick from and that's the difference.
  15. sciarco

    Best hitting cue you ever played with.

    I like my Tiger Sneaky with installed leather wrap 10+YRS and still going strong.
  16. sciarco

    Southwest Cue order wait is over

    Wait 17yrs i would if i could but i can't so i won't.
  17. sciarco

    Open- or closed-bridge hand and gloves?

    I use an open bridge all the time except some draw shots.
  18. sciarco

    True or False

    Asbury Park New Jersey home of Bruce Springsteen wow you been around bud.
  19. sciarco

    Shooting Hard vs Rolling the Ball.

    Most snooker players play soft unless it's necessary for a more firm shot, should be the same with pool.