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    Hightower dvd's wtb

    Just sent you the money via Paypal!! :D
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    Looking for a cue lathe in the $700 range

    Just out of curiousity - do you still have those taper bars and cross slide? If so, what are you wanting for it?
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    Finishing a cue.. What steps are best?

    Thanks Joey!! Maybe next time I'll utilize the search button :P Thanks Kim!! I'll try not to pester every one on here.. Thanks Again!
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    Finishing a cue.. What steps are best?

    I've been slowly working in my "cue building" hobby and have been messing around at home.. I took a old bar stick, cut it in half, installed a pin, and it rolls smooth and true.. I'm wanting to go through the steps / motions of "finishing" the cue as if I started from dowels/squares.. What...
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    Product testers wanted, new Jump/Break tip SURE SPC

    I would be glad to test one out.. I'm a cue repairman / future builder.. As well as an avid player!!
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    Cue Shop For Sale

    Would you be willing to deliver to Florida? :D
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    WTB Lathe Parts - Tail Stock, Steady Rest, Taps, etc.

    I'm looking to buy a Lathe Tail Stock with handle to go on my lathe from Mid America Pool. Also, an adjustable steady rest and anything else you may have. I have the basic lathe that I'm looking at piecing together to get on track for more work / beginning stages of cue making.. If you can...
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    Unique linen press. New $100 shipped

    What else do you have?? Thanks!
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    UltraSkin Layered Cue Tips Sale

    Just sent payment for 19 Tips - Do you think it'll be possible to receive them by Saturday 09-05-15 to Zip Code 32570 ? Thanks!
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    Repair Lathe from Mid America F/S

    Would you be willing to part it out? I'm looking for the tail stock with chuck / handle.. Thanks!
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    UltraSkin Pro Hardness question

    I like the prosoft - it plays very close to my Kamui SS Clear... I'm still stuck on Kamui because it hasn't let me down yet.. So I haven't changed it on my playing cue. But I put it on my wife's cue and use it from time to time. Tom stands behind his tips and if you have ANY problems he will...
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    UltraSkin Layered Cue Tips Sale

    Haven't heard from you since I sent the money -- are mine shipped yet?
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    For sale..

    Would you be willing to part it out? Looking for a tailstock with handle and the double wide spindle.. Thanks!
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    UltraSkin Layered Cue Tips Sale

    Payment Sent for #15 Tips!
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    toolpost hardware?

    I'll take some Chuck... If you have some to spare?
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    Just seen it.. I ended up buying after the bump I did.. the book is very informative but is kinda boring.. but maybe I'm not in the good chapters yet..
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    Now, that's customer service right there!!
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    Getting started - moving into building - any advice?

    Work is going to be done in my garage while the wood and cured shafts / buts will be in a spare bedroom in the house..