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    Quck Poll ... what do you look at last CB or OB

    You must add neither as third option. Seriously.
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    Missing to the left...

    Stance is not accurate, try with CB only from spot to middle of upper short rail, until you get the CB to come back almost 100% straight. Now lock that stance position, grip, and bridge position, also make a note of where your chin at , with all shots Now try to shoot a spot shot with high top...
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    Does "stiff shaft/soft tip" make any sense?

    One day i bought a Cuetec Graphite Pool Cue Stick from Sears mainly to check its deflection, oh boy, it has at lease 3-4" deflection; i tried to break 9 ball with it, man it was really solid hard efficient break. Try it if you do not like it, Sears will take it back no question asked! Good luck...
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    Which top players have a better than other top players stroke?

    I wouldn't say stroke; what differentiate them is the ability to compensate aim for shots where they have to use english, spin; or preferably they plan positions when not much of english is need to be used. Also, the shot planning is critical factor too.
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    Do you practice

    For ball potting practice, none pro stuff: Practice at least 10-30 min before a match or gamble session. Every player has his or her own pre-shot routine steps in order to make a pot. It usually takes our brain /muscles more time to remember all of the required steps while playing a match or...
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    2015 China Open - March 30 - April 5

    No doubt he is great player, and they know him by now, he has not been able to win any tourney since Asian Tour 1 (17-21 Jun 2014); That is 15 tournaments. They tighten up on him real nice..If he wins this one, my hat to you..
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    2015 China Open - March 30 - April 5

    Ding is a looser, i know has is ranked highest, but for some reason he choke more often than others. Maybe emotional deficiency when he is close to the finish line, will see, China would love him to win this one.
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    One Year Ago Today

    i like you Lou you are good people
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    2015 - World Grand Prix - March 16 - 22

    Thanks was hopping live stream. no problem.
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    2015 - World Grand Prix - March 16 - 22

    thanks much. Going with wife to the mall, is it possible to watch on an iphone or iphone app, thanks
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    2015 - World Grand Prix - March 16 - 22

    What is best stream link thanks
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    How would you play this

    surprised you did not say bank the 2 ball back (famouse english bank) your favorit shot?
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    Mind of Steel - Goal Setting byb Dr. Christopher Stankovich

    I am not sure goal settings applies to sports that luck factor over 30 or 40% , no mater what goals you set, a fluke by opponent will destroy goals unfortinatly. Sure goals setting will help your shot making and position. just my thoughts
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    Highest 14.1 Run ever in Competition

    Gustav ran 250! not 100% sure at Astoria NY last year,
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    Table in attached garage?

    Bad idea, keep looking for the perfect house
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    Easier To Make Most Shots With Draw?

    My comment is addressed to Johnyt where he makes pots when he uses draw..
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    Easier To Make Most Shots With Draw?

    When you address the tip at low point on the CB, that forces your stroke to be a piston stroke and naturally avoid steering the cue, and your back swing/forward swing will be straight. This is what SVB does on all shots when CB is not hugging a rail.. It is possible you are doing this and not...
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    Question about my stroke.

    Place an OB at the rack spot, and CB at the opposite spot, Shoot 50 straight shots, place a marker at center of rail near rack spot, that will be your pin point aim, with medium speed, keep track of where the OB goes, if it goes straight and hit CB dead on when it bounces of the rail all the...
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    Shuff/!Hall updates?

    we all know how he played Shanon D at Grady's last year and match ended at 5 AM with people sleeping on chairs
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    Shuff/!Hall updates?

    Not sure what happend to Shuff very disapointing , i am droping him from my horses list so as few others. Also he did not do well at DCC, i wish they use thier own money one day...