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    Unique Steve Klapp 6 Point Butterfly Cue FS/FT

    very nice like joe said i hated to get rid of it but the thing plays jam up hits great when im in better times i will have steve make me another one steve klapp is a great cue maker you will love this cue
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    How do you know where the cueball is going ?

    hello it goes on the tangent line call lil joe with pool iq and tell him todd jones told u to call he will hook u up he has a killer video on cue ball control he is my sons teacher hes the best
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    Wanted fancy butterfly cue

    hello Well if you want a sick butterfly cue call steve klapp in galesburg il hes one of the top and great prices
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    Jesse Bowman(What a Grinder)

    hello hey gene i heard that jesse won the bar box open when he was 15 or 16 do you think jr can follow in his steps whats your opinon on todd jr and hope you are going to derby jr and me are shooting in the banks he will be the youngest player ever to shoot in the tournament at 8 see ya buddy
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    Jesse Engle and Perfect Aim at Oconomowoc,Wi

    good luck hey buddy me and jr is going to derby city we are going to shoot in the banks hope to see you there good luck to you and jesse see ya later
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    Little Joe V's POOL IQ : instructional videos.

    lil joe is a great guy lil joe has giving some lessons to my son that is 8 yrs old and he is going to shoot at derby city in the banks and yes lil joe will be there his dvds will improve your game its amazing and very easy to rember
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    *** Genuine Sharkskin Wraps Are Back In Stock But Will Go Quickly***

    very nice Gill put a black shark skin on my cognoscenti it looks great i love how it feels and gill does the best job on install too if you want him to do it for you
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    FS Ariel Carmeli

    hello I have a paul drexler with over 20 pieces of ivory might be in to trade wanting to try something new how does your cue hit let me know if your in to the trade. Thanks
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    My 7 year-old beat me !!!!

    Hello Hello my son is now 8 he started shooting when he was 4 he now has won 6 1st place and alot of 2nd and 3rd place tournaments with all adults he took first place at the jr quilfier in wis check him out on youtube hit jonesandsonpaving all one word he was 7 shooting on the 9 ft table good...
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    2009 BLACKCREEK Hoppe Full Splice absolutely Beautiful

    Hello Are u up for a trade
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    Biggest spot you gave or received.......

    Its great My son and i was in a pool room here in il and he was wanting to play one of are friends on the 9 ft table race to 7 my buddy did not want to play my son because he said he didnt want to get beat by a 7yr old so i said if some one wanted to try giving him the 6 out he would play for...
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    Need help-Josswest cue from Erik Lee cues

    hello Ive played with erik for many years he is as straight up as your going to get what ever he says go with it no worries hope it helps you
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    8 Year Old Phenom at Beloit WI This past weekend.

    Thank you well we are going to get in the turny this weekend and i told duane that if my son is still in when 7 oclock comes me and him will have to forfit because todds not 13 and cant be in there after 7 even with me his dad thats a joke but dont get me started. thanks hitman
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    8 Year Old Phenom at Beloit WI This past weekend.

    thanks Thanks for the video i forgot my video camera todd played great he banked the ball right before the two u got and it did put him on the hill then todd broke dry and the guy ran out .I hope that one day dave will let him play he loves playing with all yall good players it makes him step...
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    8 Year Old Phenom at Beloit WI This past weekend.

    hey gene Thanks buddy todds been shooting lights out you really helped him hope you had fun down with teddy todd just took 1st at rudys sat and last week he took 4th he beat a 8 and a 7 three nothing he ran 5 racks sat night it was 9 ball 2 break and runs and the other he broke dry then he ran...
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    8 Year Old Phenom at Beloit WI This past weekend.

    thats right I think thats the problem see im nobody up there and the guy he told about his kids is a champ so its like you said buck up and stand up for whats right i hope dave does this you would think he would he has a great tourney and my son will be on top one day
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    8 Year Old Phenom at Beloit WI This past weekend.

    todd jr thats what i told dave maybe he will see what people right on here and change his mind im trying to get todd jr ready for the next jr champion ship i dont shot that great but all the guys that know us shoot very well so if someone knows dave please tell him he should let my son shot...
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    8 Year Old Phenom at Beloit WI This past weekend.

    thanks well my son is upset because dave the owner of carom room wont let him play because one of the local click brought his two boys which mind you are like 4 or 5 and was not in the tourney they was acting up so dave told him that he was not going to let kids under 13 in after 7 my son goes...
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    ****6 Point Amboyna Burl Bryan Mordt Beauty****

    yes it is Very nice cue this thing hits solid im just looking for something new i would like a lite cue if anybody has one thanks