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    Ran Into THIS Guy at Pool League

    Kiefer was more a backer then anything else he loved to stir the action guys like Ernesto, Morro, King Kong, McCready, Geiler, Parica, and slews of others benefited from Kiefier in the pool room he would regularly put 10k sets in motion.
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    Ran Into THIS Guy at Pool League

    Paul plays about James Tolkien's speed he loves the game but is around a strong C to weak B player. His daughter also loves the game. Here is my ranking of all time entertainers playing ability. 1 James Garner (no one close played road player quality speed in his younger days) 2. Mark from...
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    hustler blacklist

    There is the BCA pro list that a lot of people use to determine player status for eligabilty for tournaments. It has a lot of players included that are road players
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    The hustling game got weak...

    I seen Jack Cooney do that in the 80s and trust me he was no victim he had maybe the best win % of anyone in the last 50 years
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    Here comes a dead horse. SVB talk.

    I think Shane is a monstor but I really would like to see him against some of The taipai players like Chang, and Ko facing a steady of Asian players would be nice
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    Dallas West

    I had some side action once when JR Gay played what I thought was an over the hill Dallas West in some straight pool tourny JR broke safe Dallas left him up on the endrail JR leaves dallas a shot, Dallas goes 125 and out.
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    Who Has Played CJ??

    When he was in stroke in the 90s no one except maybe Earl was more fun to watch play 9ball fluid and ran out like water. I can say this I have taken many a road player on some trips and Dallas was one of about 5 cities that had a major roadblock
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    Prayers for Brian Groce please!

    Great player and real good guy once came over and informed us we double payed a set he's aces in my book and a real bulldog on the table
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    The Best Ever List of Pool Nicknames

    Some of the more colorful or orginal names or players I've run across "Cracker" jack "Ginky" "Crazy" Bruce "Ball sniffing" bob "doughboy" George "the trapper" "Hemroid" harry "Go off" Tommy "The Meatman" Jimmy "no nose" John "the pizza guy" "gloryhole" Frankie "sleep a ball" smitty
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    Torn Labrum Surgery

    Rehab, Rehab, Rehab
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    Old road stories

    I would highly suggest the green felt jungle haven't read pool wars yet. I can say that when gerald Huber was active in the delta area pool scene ANYONE that came through could match up if he didn't play he would put someone in the box. He was a great action guy along the lines of a Harry...
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    The myth that snooker is popular and profitable.

    when the tobacco money left snooker due to the british tobacco advertising ban that stopped it from being highly profitable
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    Does Greg Fix still play?

    I remeber greg well from late 80s early 90s I seem to remember he had a legit profession and only played when he had time away
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    Will the US Open really make it this year?

    gambling in pool is dead if it wants to be brought into the 21st century it needs corporate sponsership and having the title former US open champion might mean something if that ever happens like I sad if the 500 bucks isnt that important might be worth it to a young gun
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    Will the US Open really make it this year?

    Hell even if you don't get paid if you were a great young player who could afford it I would attend just based on if it ever does return to its glory you could have won the US open (albeit in a watered down field) Take a page from the Amarillo Slim handbook he was the "world champion" in 72 has...
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    Will Mike Surber Ever Get Justice ? ? ?

    Shame Mike was one of the good guys and he held up good for the cash played banks really well
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    Playing off the Rail

    here is my repost of the time Tony was in Akron as mentoined in playing off the rail.
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    Unknown "monster" players

    Speaking of Michigan what ever happened to Kirkwood before he came out of the woodwork he was unknown seem him make some great games even getting weight from guys he was supposed to spot
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    Playing off the Rail

    The Akron chapter was not totally accurate but it entertaining considering I was there during that time. I know some new York guys had some issues with the depicition would like to here Saez's take on it.
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    Great article about reasons for the continuing decline of road players

    As much as people want to blame the shyster Kevin trudeau for killing hustling it was the internet, casinos and the cell phone.