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    Fedex flat rate shipping

    I just saw this: Has anyone tried that? I assume $32.50 is for 3-day delivery.
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    Aiming for power draw

    Many people say concave tips are the best! Chalking is a pain, though.
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    Aiming for power draw

    1. 0.5 times the radius of the CB = miscue limit, so halfway between the middle of the CB and the table. 2. Max draw occurs at 0.35 - 0.40 times radius of CB. 3. To get more draw, you need to hit the CB harder. The radius of a CB is 1.125", and 0.40 times the radius is 0.45", which is 11.43...
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    Throwing Frozen Object Balls Question

    Can you explain that to me? The way I see it, CIT is an effect created by cut angle. In the diagrammed shot, there is no cut angle. It doesn't matter how much spin the CB imparts to OB1, it does not create any cut angle between OB1 and OB2. In reality, there has to be a slight cut angle due...
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    Teaching Terminology JJ

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    Johnny Holiday

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    Only 10 more Pre-Orders Needed - DigiCue Blue

    3 week delivery time? :(
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    Changing My Cue Vault Extraordinarily

    Those displays are incredible. What a great idea.
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    Cue Tip Size And Shape Effects

    Yes, like Max Eberle deciding that the Earth is flat.
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    Don't waste your time with Danny Castaldo of California on Facebook

    Added to my do-not-deal list. You sound just like Nick Screw-you-la. Once a deal is made, right minded people honor their word. Scumbags back out of deals. Change of heart? Offered a better price by someone else? Tough :poop:. Thanks for the heads up, Mr Joshua.
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    My Horrible experience with Kent Davis

    Thanks for the heads up. Sorry to hear about your troubles. I hope calling out Kent Davis in public will help you get your cue.
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    Most dreaded shots lately
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    RIP - Pretty Boy Floyd

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    Matchroom WNT Premier League Pool (PLP) 18-25 March2024, Connecticut, $100K Prize Fund

    Yep, that makes golf super exciting to watch on TV. Now, if they immediately shot the guy who yelled "Get in the hole", that would be exciting to watch.
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    Have I come across the ultimate nit?

    After that ruling, you should have climbed up on the table and committed seppuku.
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    World 10-Ball Championships, Feb-Mar 2024, Las Vegas, The Rio

    Nice jump shot, Alex. ...followed by not so good.
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    Carbon fiber: shaft vs. entire cue; extension?

    The problem with rear extensions is the the connection. You might have to move your hand back too far to make it workable--otherwise your hand will be on the connection. Maybe that won't bother you. I prefer a mid cue extension because it allows me to move my rear hand anywhere I want without...
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    Searing Cue

    From 2013:
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    Searing Cue

    Would that third party be jasonlaus?