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    Wonderful finals. Congrats to Gorst and Filler. I just don't get the beeping in the finals of a tournament.
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Also: I have powdered water, but I don't know what to add.
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    All that and no joint caps? :p
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    Why the Best Players Want Tight Pockets

    Negated by alternet break?
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    SJM at the 2024 Derby City Classic

    Thank you Stu for posting. Really appreciate the information. Filler really crushed it this event.
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    My diabetes got the best of me after :)
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    Pros and Cons Gambling

    Sports books and fanduel is popping up in every state and advertised on radio, tv and online. Taxable by the Gov. Gambling between pool players is not taxed. It used to be shady in the way of beatdowns if someone couldn't pay. Now, it doesn't matter. Gamble away. Only the pool room owner...
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    Does this ad bother you?

    I would have never, ever, seen this advertisement, yet even read it, if you hadn't posted it. To me it's just cheap cues for sale. That's it.
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    Congratulations Shane Van Boening World 8 ball Champion

    Congratulations Mr. Van Boening! Well earned.
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    SJM Final Thoughts on the 2023 US Open

    As yourself and many have mentioned 4.25" is a good size pocket. I like Diamond tables but, my favorite is the Gold Crown III. Your thoughts on Matchroom is really good, considering you've watched many matches at many events over the years. It is good Professional Pool has a base to work from...
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    Advice for beginner cues?

    Buy an expensive cue. Make sure it looks good with points, ivory joint, etc. and buy a nice case as well. Reason being, you'll look like a real experienced pool player. Now you may not be. However, you'll be forced to get busy and play many hours and learn many, many lessons just to match...
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    SVB featured on 60 min (dropped 10 hrs ago)

    They really should have done the segment with Emily of MatchRoom Sports. She smiled the whole time, 100% positive about the direction that pocket billiards was going in and gave some needed excitement to pool. Maybe sprinkled in the success of Snooker players or European pocket billiards and...
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    Pros today vs the pros yesterday

    The world is now more involved in professional pocket billiards since 2005. On a larger scale than the US. The equipment i.e. cloth, rails pocket, cues, tips and carbon fiber shafts have changed. Most players today are in very well fitness physical condition. Sigel, Mizerak, Strickland...
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    You guys sure that's not Blake Shelton?
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    As it should be.
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    in Downtown L.A. for one night, any good rooms?

    Stay Strapped. Use a rental car with insurance (its going to get broken into). Used Needles are everywhere. Throw away your shoes for there is shit all along the sidewalks. You can steal from most places without the police being called, but keep it under $900. Pro Tip: Go to the nearest...
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    another cue identity help--appreciated--

    k-mart 1992?
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    FSR -The Elephant in the Room

    Everyone of these players mentioned has had or having a stellar year or previous years (2018- current). They are the top in the world right now. It's great viewing. Being consistent is the key to winning pool. 2023 is just in its 5th month seven more to go to see who has racked up'd the wins.
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    JOSS BOX cue from 1990's

    If your looking for unique cues, including Joss (east & west) cues, a lot of Japanese collectors have them. I don't have a particular website for you to go to but, if you can surf the web, you may come across them. The reason why I mentioned this is back about 2003 I met a couple of players...