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    Arizona State Championships

    Roger, How do I find out if my ABHOF membership is current or has expired?
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    Rasson vs Diamond Tables

    Side note 2: That’s one of Rasson’s big advantages—they own the slate quarry. In fact they provide the slate for lots of other manufacturers and that’s how they got into the table business. If they can churn out 20,000 tables a year they may overwhelm the market with sheer volume.
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    Rasson vs Diamond Tables

    Just a side note: Rasson claims they sell 20,000 tables per year. I doubt Diamond or anyone else can match that.
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    Rasson vs Diamond Tables

    I love Diamond tables, and wish I could afford one for my home table (I have an older Connelly—which is fine). And I have never had the opportunity to play on a Rasson table. HOWEVER . . . I am starting to wonder whether Diamond is the best of the past but Rasson may be the best of the future...
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    after watching mosconi, I'm gona buy a cf shaft.

    This is my experience as well. Becue is the only major maker with a completely CF cue, and it makes a difference. However, Becues cost about twice what, for example, a Cynergy cue costs. Ditto if you only buy a Cf shaft without a new butt. And they are hard to find in U.S. so if you import one...
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    Free passes to Van Boening vs Orcollo

    Please put me in the hat.
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    Inlaid carbon fibre cues

    FYI: BeCue out of Italy only makes full carbon fiber cues, and has been doing so for almost two years now. As far as I know, only GO cues in US makes a completely CF cue. BeCue does offer different paint schemes on their cues. I think your question is a good one. What you have to give up when...
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    RIP Cyclop?????

    I have a set of Aramiths and the Cyclop Hperions. Prefer the innovative design of the Hyperions—the extra money balls with a special design are a great idea. The Hyperions play fine as far as I am concerned. They definitely stay cleaner than the Aramiths. The two sets play a LITTLE differently...
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    Gamble or Not

    There are only two things that keep pool from being a more mainstream sport: Booze and Gambling.
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    The new Aramith tournament balls

    MR and Aramith no doubt expected that by premiering the new balls during the Mosconi Cup they would get some favorable publicity for their new product. But I think it backfired. The majority opinion seems to be that the balls are ugly and look terrible on a video stream. Billiards fail.
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    Beta blockers, anyone?

    Anyone who takes heart medication they don’t need in order to win a pool game, is a fool.
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    Can anyone here make carbon fiber butts?

    BeCue cf cues are carbon fiber in both butt and shaft. You can buy the shaft separately and I think they will sell you a butt by itself too. (They make their butts and shafts in variable lengths. You would have to inquire if they can do a 35” butt.)
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    Thinking about going from cynergy to Becue prime m

    The BeCue Prime M is a great shaft. I just got mine in the mail today and am loving it. I have only hit a few shots with the Cynergy. It is ok, but I think the BeCue is better. But to some degree this is subjective. The best idea is to hit some shots with each and see which feels best to you.
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    Katana shaft sleeve

    Looking for the orange Katana soft shaft protective sleeve.
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    Home table guys, how much do you practice a week?

    Retired. So I play by myself about 2 hrs. every day. But I never “practice,” if that involves doing drills and that sort of thing. I just play by myself.
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    Help with Becue joint pin and insert

    Their default pin is not anything exotic. It is a standard 10 mm 1.5 thread pin. You can buy a bolt with this threading at any hardware store, which you can use as a substitute for their pin. Of course this would not be a pin designed for cues. Inserts with this threading can also obtained at...
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    meucci carbon pro

    Thanks gregnice37.
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    OB Carbon.......??

    I second LongHorns2. I don’t understand the point of this approach. It seems to be based on the assumption that people want shafts that are carbon but look and feel like wood. I have never heard anyone state such a view. Yes, people who don’t like cf often say it’s because cf does not look and...
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    meucci carbon pro

    I have been playing with a BeCue since it first came out, and am quite happy with it. A couple of days ago a friend let me hit a few shots with his new Meucci Carbon Pro. The difference can be instantly felt. The Meucci has a very soft hit. Buttery soft was my first thought. The BeCue hit is...
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    Just How "Big" is .2mm?

    Well, logically .2mm does not seem like it could matter, but subjectively, I am not so sure. I used to play with an 11.75 OB shaft before I switched to the first generation Becue shaft with the conical taper, which is 11.8 mm, but seems much larger to me. I was hoping that Becue would make the...