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    TAR 21: Pagulayan vs Van Boening. THE REMATCH !!!

    Did... you ... know ... that... you... don't... need... three... periods... to... get... a... point... across...?!?!?!? My typo is far worse than you shitting on every thread just to make sure everyone on AZB knows who the best table mechanic is. I'm surprised that ego doesn't get in the way...
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    TAR 21: Pagulayan vs Van Boening. THE REMATCH !!!

    Congrats, you have convinced me that you are one of the most obnoxious people I've ever encountered on a forum. Justin, Looking forward to the stream, thanks for setting it up!
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    Valley Forge streaming now

    Nice, thanks!
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    Lost my head, I'm sorry

    Mark admitted he didn't know much about streaming. You were responsible for that aspect of the event. You've distanced yourself from it and let Mark get blasted. I remember you being banned, they lifted the ban so you could provide customer service, did you? You are quick to brag on yourself...
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    Lost my head, I'm sorry

    Anyone else see the irony in someone that spends his time inside streaming pool telling anyone to "Go the hell outside"? Nice!
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    Lost my head, I'm sorry

    You didn't use the quote feature, so I can only assume you're addressing me. I agree one of the best in the industry should be compensated for his time. It appears that hasn't happened in your situation. Maybe that's a sign that you aren't one of the best in the industry. Since it was your...
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    Lost my head, I'm sorry

    It's good to see the issues from the event haven't damaged your self confidence. Who voted you one of the best in the country? It's unfortunate that title didn't come with reliable transportation. Weren't you shut down at the Derby for streaming without permission? Doesn't sound like...
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    female players?

    You have started some of the stranges threads! Some of the good ones: 2009-2011 Hope this condensed version of you past two years on AZ helps out in some way.
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    player information

    Start by reading this thread:
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    Check out this Meucci...:shocked:

    He's getting out attention. This is at least the third thread I've seen about this cue!
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    Does anyone know this guy?

    Someone made a thread about that $60k Gambler recently, pretty crazy!
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    8 For Vegas - the movie

    That's fantastic!
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    I Remeber...

    Fortunately they don't sing "God Bless America" during the 5th inning. It's the middle of the 7th inning. If you are so set on harping on people, and dropping your e*crap in an otherwise fantastic thread, at least get your facts straight.
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    I love 9 ball!

    9 ball is always a good time.
  15. M What's this dudes deal?

    I don't think you'll have to worry about it for a while. He was only attacking people for the shock factor. You've outed him, now that he's left with nothing to hide behind he'll probably go silent for a bit.
  16. M What's this dudes deal?

    Appears to be. He is wiping the entire site out!
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    Earl Shane II

    Yes, each side posted $10k
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    US Open 10 Ball on TAR Starts Today.

    Like being a mod in the chat or something? :D
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    My Latest Marty-Mail!

    <-- I'm Marty :cool:
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    i'm looking for videos of impressive outs

    Thanks for posting these.