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    Calling Experts, I need help identifying this old cue.

    I thought patten or mcdaniel.....
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    Buyer Beware of rack'em zach'em

    LOL.....pot calling the kettle black. IT's funny that you're telling others to do the right thing......:rolleyes:
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    Who made this cue? :)

    wes hunter?
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    Try This One .. Tougher Guess...

    Don't think it's a Gina.......hmmm, I'm going out on a limb and saying it could be a manzino? I know I'm probably wrong but, if I had to guess, I'd say it was a Bob Manzino. Tony
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    Any weekly tournys in San Marcos Texas???

    not too far from austin or san antonio, and those would be your best bets to play in a weekly tourny.... Tony
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    I'm gravitating back to harder tips.

    Fully aware of that, but I was just stating that because some people start off with a tip and judge it from it's first few hits. My statement was for all those people that hit a few balls with a new tip and don't like how soft it plays. To let the compression process take place and then...
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    hustler or jerk?

    So what bar or place do you play for? Tony
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    I'm gravitating back to harder tips.

    Actually when used quite often the everest and sniper tips become quite hard. I use an everest myself and I don't know a single soul alive who thinks my tip is soft. Tony
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    hustler or jerk?

    Might be Brad......if it's him tel me where your league is at and he's got action.....:D Tony (Plays APA level 3 speed)
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    hustler or jerk?

    what's his name? I"m from SA myself and have met many characters. Curious to find out who this "hustler" was....... Tony
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    Gabe Owen vs. Chris Bartram

    You could say that again......:D Tony
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    Update on my Jim Buss

    why did you ship it back? I didn't read the whole thread, so bear with me.....:o It looks beautiful. Tony
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    What do I do?

    He said on their own money. I don't think anyone would deny a free shot if getting staked. I would play Danny Even nine ball if I was getting staked. Free shot of winning 40% or half in some cases. I think it's very believable. Tony
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    Who Is The Funniest Poster ?

    Both you and Ross have great witty humor. I don't see how you two could be overlooked. Tony
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    October 13th $50 9ball Waco,TX

    I'm sure he would......and I'm sure I'll take the 8 from you too..... Tony
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    October 13th $50 9ball Waco,TX

    Wouldn't mind going this weekend? Tony
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    October 13th $50 9ball Waco,TX

    So he plays about my speed. Tony
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    Never played the game, so I won't even match up, even with weight. I'm pretty sure you've seen me play. I went 2 and out at the waco tournament both times I played in it. I don't play nine ball well and I honestly think I need a spot, but I told you I'd try you even. It's not like...
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    Does that mean that if I go down there, me and you can play all night? You never answered my PM's. So I'm pretty sure you'll read it here. Let me know. Tony
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