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    Low deflection shafts in 3/8x11 pin

    Just putting the feelers out for some LD shafts in this hard-to-find pin. Ideally a vantage or z3. Thanks
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    Cue work in Orange County, CA

    Moved to CA recently and have yet to "get established" with a place that can do standard cue work - tip changes, re-tapping shafts, et cetera. Does anyone have recommendations on this front? Thanks in advance!
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    Best value dealer case

    I am debating getting one of those, but it would damage my moving budget a good bit!
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    Best value dealer case

    I’ll basically be transporting 8-9 cues with roughly 2 shafts a piece across the country by car. They’re currently housed in sleeves in a covered bin, but I’d like to get a more secure way to ship them.
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    ISO Dealer cue case

    I'm in need of a dealer cue case with large capacity, ideally without breaking the bank. Any leads are appreciated! Thanks
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    Best value dealer case

    Hi all, I’ll be moving long distance soon and I’m looking to get a large capacity dealer cue case to tote along my customs, without breaking the bank. Does anyone have suggestions on this front? Thanks
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    ISO SVB cuetec cue w/ 11.8 shaft

    As the title states, I'm looking for an SVB cuetec with an 11.8 shaft. Preferably white, with the extension included. Had one a while ago and sold it off, wish I hadn't.
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    Rick Howard Cue Sold, Pending payment

    Any trades?
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    Sold Mezz WX-900 shafts radial

    So these are both 12mm? The above messages confused me.
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    Rick Howard cue wanted

    Could you also send pics to me at If it hasn't sold. Thanks.
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    Rick Howard 4 point

    Could you post better pictures perhaps? I’d like to see more detail of the butt sleeve. Is everything straight?
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    ISO early 90's Schon - pref SL-5 or similar

    Bump - still looking.
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    Are you interested in any trades?
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    ISO 3/8-11 Predator 314-3

    bump - would also consider cheap 314-3 in other pins that I could have converted to 3/8x11!
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    Pierce Tulipwood/Ebony Hoppe Sneaky

    I feel like I just saw this one sell, is there something wrong with it?
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    ISO 3/8-11 Predator 314-3

    Per the title, I’m looking for a Predator 314-3 shaft with a 3/8-11 pin. thanks!
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    Sold 2020 5 Veneer Pat Diveney Wrapless

    What is the idea behind the Lakewood shafts? I love this cue, but have no idea about those shafts. Thanks
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    Howard cue for sale

    I'm also interested - but I think I saw it de-listed on Facebook.