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    My Kobe Cue

    To each his own. ;) This is more of a tribute cue really. Still, I am pretty biased just because of the fact that I do love the Lakers and I like Kobe. Haha. I'd rather have this than a converted Dufferin in my collection. This cue will generate a lot more conversation, good and bad...
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    My Kobe Cue

    The cue does hit great. And I do have more "standard" looking cues... points, veneers, Titlist styles. Some very custom style cues. A Southwest or two. However, I saw how difficult it was for Mervin to do the number inlays for this cue... lol. So, it is pretty special for me. ;) nbc
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    My Kobe Cue

    Haven't posted in a long, long while. Have recently returned to playing again... a couple of years ago, during a visit to my Optometrist... i found out I was right eye dominant. So, being left handed... and aiming with my left eye before... you can just imagine how poorly i played before...
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    New Batch of 2014 Sugars just Delivered!

    How much for the 2nd one from the left? thanks, nbc
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    And now . . . Something Completely Different: A Triangle Shaft!

    I've had one of these shafts for probably 10 years now... I purchased it from a cuemaker in Canada... can't recall the name, right now. It's still straight as can be and actually, is quite a good shaft. I find that when my stroke is a bit off, I use this shaft and it helps straighten me out...
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    The Three Amigos

    Beautiful work as always, Kenny. :) nbc
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    4 x 8 Butter Fly case

    How much to ship to the Philippines? thanks, nbc
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    Stunning 16 point Ebony & Ivory Viattorre.

    Yes, long time. Have been sidetracked by domestic matters... :p Good luck on your sale. Will be putting up quite a few of my cues for sale as well since i hardly play anymore. Will be keeping sentimental favorites. nbc
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    Stunning 16 point Ebony & Ivory Viattorre.

    Hmmm... i know this cue. ;) nbc
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    Buyer Beware of "the_general"

    Tsk tsk... And there were supposedly just 5 or 6 of his "customers" to whom he owed or had "delayed" deliveries... Hope you get back your money... or your cues... nbc
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    Official statement from Bebot Bautista Custom Cue

    The thing is: Would you still buy from Les after all this? Hmmm... nbc
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    Official statement from Bebot Bautista Custom Cue

    Very convoluted story here. In the end, what Les has done is he has made it more difficult for Filipino cue makers to do business internationally. Credibility is shot, again. nbc
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    Official statement from Bebot Bautista Custom Cue

    Tsk tsk tsk... Man up, Les. Best to air your side and try to clear your name. nbc
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    Righting a wrong

    Merry Christmas, Brent! And same to you Eric! Remember that conversion cue that Eric helped you with before...? That i bought from you, Brent. It is still one of my favorite and most played cues. When my game goes out of whack (which is quite often), that cue comes out of my cue cabinet and I...
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    bebot bautista cue's,..

    Thank you, Mervin. Please thank your father, Bebot, for me. Hope to get this cue soon... after the Holidays is fine. :) I will be out of the country anyway. Happy Holidays to you and your dad! rgds, nbc
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    chuck starkey purpleheart with blue veneers

    Oooohhh... I like this one. nbc
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    Ren De Vera (ren_d_v) on this forum

    I don't know the guy personally, as I am no longer active in the local Pool scene. I do know the name... so, unfortunately, all i can say is... tsk tsk tsk. Not good. Hope this is resolved. What is good is that a lot of the other Filipino forumers here know the guy personally. Maybe they...
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    Bustamante's win of the 2010 WPC...Snaps in the 9 ;)

    Congrats to a good guy! Hope to congratulate him personally in MCS when he returns. :) nbc
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    Ritch Remo 2x4 Dragon Case for NBC

    he's backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!:thumbup: Lurking , lurking , lurking ... ;)
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    Ritch Remo 2x4 Dragon Case for NBC

    Same here... i have one on me as well... ;)