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    DCC match results?

    Never mind it not being on the feature table, to not even put it on a streamed table is beyond foolish.
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    DCC match results?

    I found it weird they had Filler playing a 9-ball match just before he was supposed to play his 1p match on the same table.
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    Who is going to win the 2023 Mosconi Cup?

    I just voted Europe. When does it start?
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    2023 International Open, Oct 30 - Nov 4, Norfolk

    No, from what I can tell, it looks stock in length.
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    2023 International Open, Oct 30 - Nov 4, Norfolk

    Heck of a run out on rack 5 for SVB, wow.
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    US Open Brackets are up.

    Matchroom has him listed as "Lukas Francasso Verner"
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    Turning Stone Classic XXXVII Aug31- Sept. 4th

    Chris Bartrum?
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    SJM at the 2023 Derby City Catastrophe

    I agree both upsets based on Fargo for sure. I just give more credit to the 2 players playing very well and above their current Fargo which I believed happened here. I didn't see the SVB match but read all the praise after the match and it wasn't for SVB, so I could be off, way off actually...
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    SJM at the 2023 Derby City Catastrophe

    Hard to blame the Derby for Filler and Alex drawing each other. SVB and Shaw both lost on the hill. I am not saying the Derby hangover was not relevant to their play I just wouldn't blame their complete performance on it. Cheers,
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    2023 World Pool Championship, Kielce, Poland

    Alex is playing now.
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    Gorst makes history at DCC

    I think he was referring to career and not this year. SVB won the bigfoot this year I thought. cheers
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    February "Caption This" photo

    Hahaha, did I hear someone is prototyping a GC6 with deep shelves.
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    Live PPV Coverage 2023 Derby City Classic #24 Jan 20-28 by Accu-Stats Video Productions

    Yes it would be nice to know corrections were made and what was done to guarantee minimal issues moving forward. I finally have the time to watch and I find myself on the fence whether I want to deal with any hassles and convert my Canadian money into American money :-) Cheers,
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    Turning Stone Classic XXXVI

    It was mentioned, Jesse Engel vs Billy Thorpe at 6pm Est.
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    Darren Appleton

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    Darren Appleton

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    John Morra vs Tyler Styer race to 30 livestream

    Like Lee Trevino says " the older I get the better I used to be"
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    Mosconi cup

    Correct, can you imagine! Sorry not so correct, as mentioned below. Cheers,