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    Willie Jopling's death

    Goodbye to a wonderful friend I first met Bill in 1988 while living in Roanoke, VA. We used to battle on Wednesday nights at Rotten Rodney’s in a local 9-ball tournament. I had dropped out of the game for almost 20 years after high school, and he was partially responsible for rekindling my...
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    Snooker to pool conversion in KC area??

    BTW, I forgot to mention that the slate on this snooker table appears to be the same configuration as slate on a pool table, so I don't think the slate would need to be cut.. Is that correct? Bob
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    Snooker to pool conversion in KC area??

    I am new to this site, so I hope this first post works ok! I have a 1939 Brunswick Challenger (I think) 9' snooker table, with both sets of balls (pool and snooker). It has 6 legs and # 6 pockets. Table measures 50 x 100" cushion to cushion. I hate snooker because it is too tough to play, so...