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    Design Your Dream

    Two more pics...
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    Design Your Dream

    I'm not sure if this would have to be done with axis substitution, interpolation or 4 (or 4th, there is a difference) axis programing. The silver veneered "Points" (five of them) twist down to the butt sleeve area, and interlock with each other three times, at the "A-Joint", Handle mid-point and...
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    Mason's Micarta Ferrule Material

    I would like to try the solid rod as well. Jon
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    *NEW* GTF Black Lizard 2x4 Case | $8.50 spot or 2 spots for $15

    I'll take #'s 19 & 40. Thanks, Jon
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    New pins ready

    Lee, Can you post the dimensions of the new pins? Length, major and minor diameter? Length of the pilot? Thanks, Jon
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    3/8-10 brass pins now ready

    Lee, I didn't see it mentioned anywhere (but if I may have just missed it,) but what is the length of these pins? Also, what are the true major/minor diameters? Jon
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    Precision drill chucks

    Bump for a great deal! :thumbup: If i didn't already have 3 Albrecht drill chucks :) (MT3, MT2 and 3/4" straight shanks) i would be all over this. Albrecht chucks are the nuts, and worth every penny. Jon
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    coming back

    Welcome back Blud! Keep us posted. Jon
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    Anyone have 5/16-13 Inserts (not a typo)

    Mike, I think it would be easier if you would just make the (undoubtedly) short list of taps that you DON'T have. :D
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    Ring Positions

    This is just how i see it, but here it goes: A - Joint rings on shaft. B - Joint rings on butt. C - Rings between forearm and handle/wrap. D - Rings between handle/wrap and butt sleeve. E - Rings between butt sleeve and butt cap. I'm sure some people label them differently though.
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    Suggestions for Dymondwood turning?

    Another option is to just cut it to smaller lengths. They would be easier to manage, as you wouldn't have to worry about anything flopping around. After center drilling, just chuck up on one end, live center in the other and turn it down as close to the chuck as you feel comfortable with, then...
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    Is it just me, or is the pilot actually bigger than the minor diameter of the threads?
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    More Haley Eye Candy -- 2005 151

    :eek: I think i just died. :eek: On a serious note, Sir Ron is a master of his craft!
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    Super(butter)fly.. Fanelli introduces a wrapless cue

    Lisa, I'll second that. :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :D Jon
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    Any More Haleys Out There?

    :eek: Yep... I'm crying again... Jon :D
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    My Haley cue progress update

    I'm man enough to admit after seeing the workmanship in this cue (and any other Ron Haley cue i've seen here)... I cried... :eek: :D :) Jon
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    House Cue

    Here you go Hadj. Jon
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    What is the best machine to do spliced points?

    Like this old outdated hunk of scrap? :D Jon P.S. Please forgive me for having that Phase II crap on there. We have around 4-6 Hardinge Indexers laying around now. :)
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    Rear chuck

    The taig chuck isn't all that heavy. So you don't need the wall as thick as some might think. I think the I.D. of my adapter is around 1.325". As i was boring it out, i just stopped when the wall started to look a little thin. On the chuck end of the adapter, I believe the wall thickness is...