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    Justin Bergman ?

    I am lucky to call Justin a good friend and to say he is a "never-was" is incredibly inaccurate. He is a really good person that just happens to be taking a break right now. He has a close family and that's where he spends a lot of his time. He will be back; you can count on that. I believe...
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    No dispute that Efren is the GOAT, but who is the 9 ball GOAT?

    I played regularly in the Golden 8ball in Phoenix in the late 80's and early 90's. Lebron played in the regular Monday night 9ball a couple times. He was handicapped a 14 and Roger Griifis was a 13. Deliberto was the house pro but never played in the tournaments.
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    SJM at the 2023 Derby City Catastrophe

    I really enjoyed all aspects of the derby (first time in 20 years). I played poorly, however, every table I played on rolled nicely and was very fair. The pockets were a perfect size. SJM, sorry I missed introducing myself. I was eating the same time you were and didn't want to interrupt your...
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    4-1/8” Corners at the Derby?

    I played for the first time since 2003 and thought all the tables i played on, about 10 with practicing, played great. The pockets were very fair and not overly tight. I like the venue and enjoyed the tournament. Jay
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    The best stroke/cue action you have seen

    I had the pleasure of playing Louie several times and it was as smooth as it gets. RIP Louie
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    Happy bday Jim Tomassoni

    Happy Birthday Jim from St. Louis!
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    2022 DCC Discussion Thread

    Yes, it was a Z-2 Predator 11.75
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    2022 DCC Discussion Thread

    I got to play Efren two weeks ago twice and he was using the same setup! #daGOAT
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    Beating a top 100 player in the world???

    Best wins for myself have been Matlock 2X in Midwest 9 Ball and the only time I played in DCC i beat Chohan (2003). Along with Gatz i am Fargo 700ish
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    Won my first $6000 in the middle, AMA

    When I play, i say there is two beers in the middle.
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    Won my first $6000 in the middle, AMA

    Nice win. 9-5am sounds like 8 hours.
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    The Players Club-Ghorst/Bergman/Kristina Tkach/Poteet 7/19-7/26

    Hello Gypsy, if you guys come up, I will play Robert Clark some. Prefer one pocket. Thanks, Jay (Sam is my close friend and we play even)
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    Justin Bergman in St. Louis Newspaper

    Good article! Justin is at a different level as i am fortunate to get to spar with him occasionally (and be humbled).
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    First states to reopen Pool Halls?

    Teachers in St. Louis reopened yesterday. Props to Rich & Derek for taking the break and improving the place (newly designed bar, non-smoking). Will head there today to see for myself!
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    Oscar Dominguez in UK tabloids, not good.

    Tap tap..........
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    Oscar Dominguez in UK tabloids, not good.

    I respectfully disagree. I have been around pool along time and have heard this phrase on numerous occasions, not as attempt to enlighten rape, because no one does or should. It is a phrase that is used to describe someone with no touch. On the golf course, when someone blows a putt past the...
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    Oscar Dominguez in UK tabloids, not good.

    For those that it bothered, grow a pair. Absolute joke with zero malicious intent. To even talk about it is to further travel down the weak path this country/world is going. Comparable to Jim Carey in D&D saying "and tell her I have a rapist wit" lol
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    Calcutta Payout

    I have never heard of a Calcutta where the player could not buy 50% and I have been around a long time. Lol. I assume you have as well so your statement surprises me. Jay
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    Wwyd 3 cushion

    I would play a 1/3 ball hit on the white with max left. Your ball hits around two 1/2 diamond on opposite long rail and "goochers" the top left corner for the point. Jay
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    Dennis Orcullo's footwear

    Do We have been fortunate in St Louis to get to see Dennis play here recently (thanks to Justtin Bergmann) and watching him pocket balls is insane! This guy is the man, IMO. Also mentally drops my Fargo-rate 50 points too, lol. He is wearing the shoes of the best all around player!