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    When did Tony Ellin pass away?

    Tony vs train The way I hear it, Tony was racing a train to the crossing. Train won. This tells me he probably had done this before and always won. Trouble is, you're only allowed one loss. But he went out with an adrenaline rush.
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    Ronnie O'Sullivan in new pool show

    Ronnie o'sullivan quickfire Been a big Ronnie fan for years and have seen all 13 of his 147s. But if you want to really be impressed, Google "Ronnie O'Sullivan Quickfire." Looks like he's playing bar pool nine ball on loose pockets. And he fires in the last black with high right English a...
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    Nicknames for pool players and how they earned it!!

    Heart Attack Jack we had a guy called "Heart Attack Jack." I used to give him the three, five, seven, nine, and the breaks. Wild. He didn't play very well. So virtually every shot he would ride his money balls and if he slopped one in I would feign a heart attack and call for my nitro tabs...
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    Finally found a copy of Rags to Rifleman

    Re;: Grady's book. . It ain't worth $10. Grady was an illiterate nincompoop who constantly uses "fancy" words wrong and couldn't spell for shit. His book is a garbled mess of syntax and misspellings. One critic, I forget who, wrote that this book "cries out for an editor." Obviously Grady...
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    Can anyone ID all these players?

    Actually, looking again the poster probably was drawn in the early 80's. Kim is not on there as he was just starting to become a great player. He used to play Ferroni all the time, get him stuck a couple thousand but Ferroni kept raising the bet till he got even. Then he would quit. Finally...
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    Can anyone ID all these players?

    YUP. that was me. go to my Facebook page and check out my artwork. John Coito
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    Can anyone ID all these players?

    The girl is no one in particular, just a pool hall groupie. The little boy is Jason Kurland, Stu Kurland's son. Neither Stu nor his son play pool. He just insisted I draw him in the poster. Spock is Spock. Just felt like drawing him. This is now a collectors item as I don't even have a...
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    Can anyone ID all these players?

    BTW...This was just before Kim became a great player. Barry and Bob Wong are now deceased.
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    Can anyone ID all these players?

    since I DREW THE POSTER I know them all left to right, me, Dave Ferroni, Audie Perez Stu Kurland, Bob Wong, Dan Louie, Steve Mizerak, Baarry Bettencourt, Jim Rempe, Ronnie Allen, Buddy Hall, Minnesota Fats, Allen Hopkins, Mike Sigel, Richie Florence, Lou Butera. This was for Barry's...
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    The most impressive pool playing that you have ever witnessed?

    Keith sacramento 1975 I believe it was 1975 which would make Keith about 17 or so Sacramento, Not at Terry's but I believe some motel that was holding a tournament. It was about 2 in the morning, no one was playing and all the top players in the world were milling around doing nothing...
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    2016 Bigfoot tourney at DCC

    crying over the rack Hey Jay, why don't you do this to eliminate all the racking nonsense......balls must be racked in numerical order with one in front and nine in the middle AND the cue ball must be placed on the head spot. That's the way we used to do it the olden days and I don't recall...
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    World Cup of Pool rack quality, eh...

    rack your own This is why pool is a joke. Saw Orcullo run 6 racks racking his own balls. He racked the balls the same way every time and soft broke the same every time. The layout was precisely the same as every single previous rack. It was like a joke and a mockery. Even the commentator...
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    What's the longest game of one pocket on record ?

    long one pocket Freddy B was telling a story to Incardona that he was watching these two pretty good players in a high stakes one pocket match. When Freddy sat down to watch they each needed three balls. Two hours later they each needed four balls. Freddy went home
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    Name the strangest action you've seen.

    strange one pocket action In one pocket I saw Ronnie Allen give a guy 8-5 close. They placed a cube of chalk on either side of the guys pocket. If he hit the chalk with his object ball it counted as going in. Hence 8-5 close.
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    Bridge Ruled A Sport - How about Billiards?

    Pool is a game, not a sport If you don't run, it is a game and not a sport. Pool is a game, chess is a game, poker is a game. Don't know what the hell NASCAR is, besides boring. Hunting is definitely not a sport. Murdering animals for fun?
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    Stupidest pool comment/story you've heard?

    Billiard table I was at the Jointed cue in Sacramento talking to the counterman when a guy comes in and wants a table. the counterman says he's all full up. All the tables are taken. The guy says what about this table, pointing an open table in the front. Well, that's a billiard table the...
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    Keith McCready story

    More keith..... Re; Sacto tourney and Keith torturing Louie..It was about two in the morning and no one was playing, just all the best players in the world standing around doing nothing All of a sudden, from the far bleachers a skinny scrawny pimple faced kid stands up and yells out "Which one...
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    Keith McCready story

    KEITH in Sacto 1974 Saw Keith play Louie Roberts in Sacramento in 1974 when he really was 17. They played 7 ahead, don't know for how much. Keith broke and ran the first 4 racks, then came up dry on the break. Louie made the one ball, hooked himself on the two, kicked and missed the whole ball...
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    i remember

    I remember Steve Mizerak. First saw him play was at the Stardust open in early 70's i believe. He had a crew cut, wore glasses, and weighed about 165 pounds. Ran 97 and out. When next i saw him, at the Elks club a few years later, he had ballooned up to about 300 pounds. He was at the buffet...
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    The most naturally talented pool players that you have ever known?

    Kim Davenport... I played kim when he was 14 and i was 27. took me three hours to beat him out of $30 at 3 bucks a game. he never missed a ball. he just didn't know what he was doing. at that time 1969 i was the best bar box player in the area.