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    ***HUGE Zen cue - NEW!***

    hello friends whats the difference? Shaft 1 (Xpro I) - 3.8oz , 12.70mm Shaft 2 (Xpro II) - 3.8oz , 12.70mm
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    Where to buy the Predator Arena Light

    is this the same technology? lite systems and predator lights? look very similar.... lite systems is cheaper...
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    Sivissidis-Open 9 Ball and 10 Ball

    Sivissidis-Open in Switzerland Saturday July 18th9 ball (no spots are free) Sunday August 16th10 ball (spots are free) Double K.O. (64/80 participants) (Last 8/16 Direct K.O.) Aarauerstrasse 70, 5603 Staufen, Aargau, Switzerland Livestream on Reelive...