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    im in trouble =/

    Id like to thank everyone who has contributed and helped us, we are still in need anything you can do would be alot of help trying to get our life back on track, currently, Vianny is still sick and I had to use most of what was sent for an emergency room visit but without your help she may not...
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    im in trouble =/

    Thank you very much, but im afraid we are going to have to leave tn ='( even will all the help we have received I still cant make ends meet and we are going to have to move, I sincerely appreciate all the help, but im in a lil deeper than i it looks like ill be moving in with my Dad...
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    im in trouble =/

    we received a donation from Larry via snail mail yesterday thank you larry ^^
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    im in trouble =/

    yes is our pay pal address and sorry I haven't replied sooner, my wife isn't feeling great right now, and im doing my best to keep her from being so stressed.. your support has given us hope, I cant say thank you enough, I'm proud to be apart of this community. you say...
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    im in trouble =/

    bump for my address for those who wanted it
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    im in trouble =/

    My address atm: Tim & Vianny Carter 300 N royal Oaks Blvd apt 1214 Franklin TN 37067 this is where we are at this moment, I rented this place awhile back, but Id had no water or electricty hooked up and the lease has ended and I have aprox 15 days before im absolutely homeless
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    im in trouble =/

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    im in trouble =/

    thank you guys for the support and im sorry I cant reply sooner I wish i could, the donations I have recieved so far have are helping alot, at least we have food to eat and maybe I can take a shower >.< lool wow so you know and my wife is amazed at how a community can support each other and I...
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    im in trouble =/

    thank you so much and anything you can do is appritiated, if youd like to contact me personaly just call 352-346-0432 and ask for Tim
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    im in trouble =/

    Falling to my knees in defeat sucking up all my pride I must reach out to you, Recently I invested heavily in incorporating a new business, now disaster strikes and we are flooded here in TN and ive tried believe me but im in trouble..we have no food and my wife is 6 weeks prego if you can help...
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    not even sure what i should call this thread??

    :D well i like your cues, and I do remember you gave me a couple shafts awhile back, for a Mcdermott I believe, so im going to give you my honest opinion, your cues are by far some of the best designs I have seen, and I know from the shafts you gave me that was your "junk" your cues play lights...
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    Whitten cases made in china

    how can they do this? i mean you have a copyright? :confused:
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    Who makes the best production cues today?

    Ive owned mezz, Ray Schuler, Joss, Schon, Lucasi, Fury, Viking, Meucci, McDermott, Predator, well just about any Production cue, and thats not counting Customs.... Whitch one? I like FURY, based on the hit and playability, whitch I have personaly compared with Schon, and Id put Mezz slightly...
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    How to keep your thoughts straight when in a high pressure game?

    thats where practice comes in, excluding the emotions, thats what you should do, not elevate the situation with I HATE YOU! lool you need to be in your own lil world doing what youve practiced, in your routine, playing your game, and the table, the guy or gal in the chair watching you has...
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    How to keep your thoughts straight when in a high pressure game?

    lol yea and you know, when your relaxed playing your game having fun the other guy is going to be the one sweating, you cant make every ball, you cant win every game, so yea do your best and dont beat yourself up by over stressing yourself, rely on what youve practiced have confidence in that...
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    Song that made you play your heart out?

    Monster by Skillet is a good one for me too xP
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    FURY & Viking

    Im a dealer for FURY (cues I use) as well as Viking and my prices Rival Most sooo if you want a cue, check my price BEFORE YOU BUY! :D
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    I live In Franklin Tenn Now

    HEY :D I live in franklin TN now and Im just wondering if any of you live close? Id like to find some peeps close to hit some balls with
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    What is in YOUR case??

    FURY RP 9 with Tiger Products shaft, everest tip, and of course a FURY JB too NO CUSTOMS HERE I like the hit and feel of fury, and to me there is nothing thats what I use...
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    Before & After

    wow you rock bro :wink: and you know its just a shame there arent more people like you so we can all experience what a master table fixer uper can do to our tables..lool