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  1. Murray Tucker

    I Just read on face book, cue Maker RON HALEY , Recently died HORRIBLE NEWS

    The loss of Ron is devastating. He was one of the finest gentleman I have ever met.
  2. Murray Tucker

    My 1 day expo review

    Todd Carpenter and some nobody.
  3. Murray Tucker

    My 1 day expo review

    The caliber of young players was unbelievable. I don't recall every seeing kids play as well as these before, especially the young ladies. I think having Savannah in the Cue and Case booth and Noelle in the Pechauer booth was cool because lots of younger kids got to play challenge matches with them.
  4. Murray Tucker

    My 1 day expo review

    I think this year was one of the best since it changed locations
  5. Murray Tucker


    I agree about the 20 being steep for the locals but by the time I pay for airfare, hotel, food, beer etc. it's not a real factor.
  6. Murray Tucker


    He charges $1500 for a 10X10 booth. I display at a few trade shows and it costs me around $4200 for a 10X10. Granted we are in larger, nicer halls than the Oaks but I don't think his price is out of line.
  7. Murray Tucker

    CA clearcoat SS joint.

    Don't make it harder than it has to be. Tape off joint, spray cue, razor blade finish flush with joint and sand/polish as usual.
  8. Murray Tucker

    Orlando halls

    I'm way to far removed from the Orlando pool scene. Back it the day it was meet at Sportstown for a few long necks and then hop in Lee's Chevelle and off to Jimmy's or Spatz depending on where the action was.
  9. Murray Tucker

    Juma White Linen vs Ivory Ferrule

    Ivorene 3 (not 4) is the closest thing to ivory that I have found.
  10. Murray Tucker

    David Grossman...???

    Dear sweet baby Jesus, please don’t let John post a picture of himself in a Speedo.
  11. Murray Tucker

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    A emotional support alligator? That is absurd. Plus it might try to eat my emotional support duck.
  12. Murray Tucker

    CF scratch repair

    No experience with cue shafts but deal with it on fishing rods. If it is deep enough to get into the graphite then there is no "fixing" it. Pictures can be deceiving but it appears that where the gouge is that it is cosmetic. This is one of the easy finishes we use on rod blanks and it might...
  13. Murray Tucker

    In case you missed it, real names or known identity preferred now

    It doesn't matter. I use my real name and people still think I'm Jeff.
  14. Murray Tucker

    3/8x11 joint screw question

    Shit, now the rest of the thread shows up for me and it is indeed a Blud. I swear I'm not day drinking........yet.
  15. Murray Tucker

    3/8x11 joint screw question

    Right looks like a Bludworth. Not 3/8-11.
  16. Murray Tucker

    Carbon Fiber Shafts should be Banned

    It doesn’t matter because 99% of those that suck with a wood shaft will also suck with a CF shaft. Pool players are getting as bad as golfers trying to buy a game. Will drop $500 on the new hot shaft but won’t spend a dime for a lesson.
  17. Murray Tucker

    C/F shaft and what not to do!

    If you are making corn bread in anything but a cast iron skillet you are missing out.
  18. Murray Tucker

    Wonder when AZHOUSEPRO is release New Forum❓

    Think Bruce has been day drinking again.
  19. Murray Tucker

    All-natural cues - does anyone make them?

    No, but I made cues au naturel before. Had to be careful not to stand too close to the lathe.