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    Poison VX

    Looking for the Poison VX line, either j/b or playing cue, with sports wrap. Let me know if you want to get rid of it. TIA.
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    Sold OB Fusion 4 carbon insert shaft

    Check your pm.
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    Stack leather...

    I will take it. Please pm zelle information. Thanks.
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    Trade Revo Uniloc 12.4 WVP for 11.8

    I have Cynergy 11.8 if that work. LMK
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    Acrylic tip pads and trim rings ...

    Please check your PM. Thanks
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    Cue repair lathe SOLD

    Sold. PM your PP address please. Thanks.
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    Isoplast Ferrules

    I'll take 10. Payment method?
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    SOLD - kamui, G2, Precision, Zan, predator, Outsville

    I will take all of the G2 and Kamui. PM with your PP address pls. Thanks.
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    New CNC coming soon

    cnc I would be very much interested. Frank.
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    leather wraps for sale

    PM sent. Thanks.
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    Predator 9K-1 w/ BeCue Prime M (Mint Condition)

    predator Interesting in trade?
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    Kamui tips.

    PM sent. Please check. Thanks.
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    Cue shop for sale

    If only you are a bit closer.
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    Used Deluxe Cue Smith for sale!

    Cue smith If only he would ship it!!! Too far for me to pick it up.
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    Deco cue taper attachment

    Check your pm.
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    Sib layered cue tips

    Hi Rich, Please check your email. Thanks. Frank.