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  1. MrLucky

    Have you accepted the fact that you are a pool player for life?

    :) David I saw your reprint of this thread and I want to thank you for this post, I felt your words deeply in my heart you brought some things back to me and clarified some others. I will always treasure the moments from my childhood onward when my uncle taught me this game the wisdom of his...
  2. MrLucky

    cue prices in the past

    it is all relevant! $2-300 in the seventies is the equivalent of a $1,000 now! :eek:
  3. MrLucky

    14.1... Why is it not so popular?

    Don you have to look at straight pool similar to tennis if you aren't playing you don't realize the strategy and skills ! you just see the ball going back and forth! I began at 9 playing straight or at least learning :p straight pool and it will make you a better player in most other games !
  4. MrLucky

    Anyone wanting to reach The Angry White Man

    Well that is certainly one place that will help with his anger management issues!
  5. MrLucky

    Lizard Wrap

    The best wrap man out there is Steve Lomax Lomax Cues 706-776-1252
  6. MrLucky

    The Woim Please disregard

    Fat Larry... after I had replied on another site that I thought they were the same person, sent me a email with a you tube link to him shooting a supposed draw shot down the table! and stating he did not like my statements !!! LMAO he needs some serious psychiatric help :(
  7. MrLucky

    Johnny Archer

    I am 6' I play out of Mr Cues and Johnny is at least a1" -2" taller than I am. :eek:
  8. MrLucky

    Trudeau in contempt...

    You are correct... He is in contempt because of his history of false advertising he did sign and agree to certain restrictions on what he could say and advertise over the air in the future! He has blatantly violated that agreement according to the indictment which means he will not slip out of...
  9. MrLucky

    Shameless bragging

    Ok someone sounds a little bitter, all league operators do not run their divisions the same. Your enjoyment level is much higher when you have a diligent LO Here in Atlanta Woody runs a pretty fair ship! if there is a problem he or one of his staff (who tend to frequent many league nights!)...
  10. MrLucky

    McDermott I-1 shaft review

    I have the I-2 also and put away all of my others! :)
  11. MrLucky

    U.S. AMATEUR CHAMPIONSHIP - rule - ear plugs.

    :) The concern is in regard to you getting coached electronically hence no ear buds / plugs blue tooth headphones...... etcetera sadly there are players that will try to take any advantage possible and with the advent of new smaller ear devices they are all banned!
  12. MrLucky


    retired architect
  13. MrLucky

    68 Players in Viking Tour Open at Mr Cues in Atlanta

    Hey Mike.... I was there Sunday for league, who is that young guy that was shooting "lights out" on the back tables ???? :eek:
  14. MrLucky

    strategy for the lag?

    That's funny... Where are these idiots? :confused:
  15. MrLucky

    The 'Feel' of the shot

    There is a excellent article on... B.D. regarding just this, it is an eyeopener the article discusses Feel versus Mechanical players and the pros and cons of both types !
  16. MrLucky

    Highest Concentration of 'Good' Players in the U.S.

    Well the state that several world and American champs call home is Georgia specifically in and around Atlanta ! Johnny Archer, Helena and Monica ! Cliff Joiner, Moore and 5 of the top US amatuers all play just out of one pool room in Atlanta!! :eek: as an old TV personality once said ..."I...
  17. MrLucky

    How expensive is your daily player

    McDermott Knight with a I-2 Shaft and custom lizard wrap about $1,800 total:)
  18. MrLucky

    POWER OF THE FORUM and something for FREE

    I like the idea ! I was taught to always keep my chalk in mt hand and usually cradle it between my cue butt and hand ! This might be a good way to do this without having that bulk on my cue butt not to mention the marking up of my leather wrap!:)
  19. MrLucky

    Can you tell me what this is ????

    Hey Chris... :eek: the joint on this cue is identical to the one Cis' had made for me that I sent you pictures of ! So I am very interested also in knowing who made it !
  20. MrLucky

    APA Vegas tournament, cue trades and sales

    It's called... UNIONS ! :eek: as far as selling and trading the several times i have gone I have seen many folks taking advantage of the vendors items there so I would think you might do well!