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    Making a cue lighter

    I bought the cue 4 years ago, with little knowledge about the cuemaker except he built a quality cue. Since then I've seen how his communication and timeline/planning are less than desirable. I'm not here to bash him or talk down about the quality, because it is great. But dealing with the...
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    Making a cue lighter

    Its a customs cue, there no weight unless it's more than 6 inches. It's not cored but I am unsure of the wrap section underneath being maple. The pin is a 3/8-10 modified I believe SS. I bought the cue second hand and do not wish to contact the cue maker. Not to bash but I would rather not...
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    Making a cue lighter

    So I have a ebony on ebony cue that weighs over 20oz. I love the look of the cue and at the time I wasn't playing much so the extra weight helped keep my stroke steady. Now since I'm playing more often I'm struggling with soft stroking the heavy cue. My thought is possibly having a cue maker...
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    WTB Brent Summer

    I am looking for a Brent Summers cues if there is anyone looking to come off of one. I'll have cash ready at the end of August and figure I would get some what of an start looking. I haven't don't much dealing on but I have some and I have reference outside of here if needed.
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    WTS: Unknown Cue Looks Schon or maybe Schuler or?

    pin have a you tried a schon shaft on the cue? it looks like it maybe a 5/16x18 which is used by alot of asian cuemakers.
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    Bar Table 9 Ball Classic...INDIANAPOLIS October 27th and 28th

    interesting fact this tournament has been running for awhile and i know they use to do a similiar tournament in fort wayne for years and a woman has never won it same format
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    Indianaplis, IN July 16th and 17th 1500 added 10 ball Mid America 10 ball Tour

    ? what would be the best time to call that number? and who's doing the rating system?
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    Shafts for sales!! Priced to move.

    ? whats the joint dia on the gulassy? and will that the 3/8x10 pin that comes in mcdermotts?
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    Trade 2 bcm shafts for a predator 314

    ? wats the joint diameter? and would u just cash?
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    10 Inexpencive Prod. Cues .

    ? in the first picture the cue 3 from the left, wat pin is in that cue?
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    Opinion's local cue builder

    info Who is it and where is he from? i live in kokomo and wouldnt mind using a in state cue maker for work..........i'm also in the market here soon hopefully for a j/b and a refinished
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    How long should I wait?

    so? so i thought u werent buying another cue lol so what u get? and i wanna discuss sum ideals with u about shafts for a few cues
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    Jacoby v. Schon v. Joss

    my 2 cents I have shot with all 3........joss i love the look of but they have a dead hit to me.......schons like said b4 they all hit about the same and for a production cue they look of my back up is a jacoby sneaky. i love the hit and he's really great to work with. but i...
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    FS: Pechauer P04 w/ Tiger X-Might as well be new

    nice cue beautiful cue wish i had the extra cash right now
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    4 pointed Mali cue?

    curious would u be interested in a plain jane 80's viking butt instead?
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    wtb break shaft

    thanks thanks that is alittle more than i was wanting to spend on since all im doing is breaking with it, but if nuttyn turns i may consider it
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    FS: Billiard Warehouse Break/Jump Cue

    question Whats the weight? and tip diameter?
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    wtb break shaft

    bump bump>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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    wtb break shaft

    bump bump.......................