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    WTB - Simple Tascarella Cue

    Message sent.
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    Cue Shopping

    I've heard people speak well of Omega Billiards, but I have no personal experience dealing with them.
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    ***Let's see your Jeff Olney cues***

    Gorgeous cue Bob, I've heard great things about Olney's.
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    WTB: Tascarella

    Bumping, I'm not picky on condition, as long as it's straight. Thanks.
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    WTB: Tascarella

    Looking to purchase a Tascarella, something simple, I prefer no inlays. If you have one to part with, please message me. Thanks in advance.
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    Is there magic in the cue? A cue that played amazing Could be anything

    Yes, some things have that extra something that speak and connect with certain people. This is as true with certain musical instruments as it is with cues, although it's hard to define, it's real. I heard Chohan in a podcast from a year or so ago, where the host was asking him about how...
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    Sold Bob Runde Cues

    Great offering!
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    Tascarella curly maple shaft 29 inches

    I just wish it was a 5/16x14 pin, but yeah, I can't believe it hasn't been snatched up.
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    Mason 1962 Model

    One of my favorite looking JB Cases. Very sharp!
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    Sold 2020 Bob Runde Cue (Price Reduction)

    Labor Day weekend price reduction special. I'm asking $1950 firm shipped Express with insurance. I'll accept PayPal F&F, or G&S, buyer pays fees. I can also take Venmo, and a reputable broker is fine, buyer pays fees. If interested please message me and thanks for looking in.
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    Stacked Veneer Barry Szamboti

    You've had so many beauties, I'd be interested to know if you could have any 5 that you've owned, what you'd select. You'd probably have a hard time narrowing it down to 20:)
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    ~~>~>~>~>~~>F/S Southwest Cue <~~<~<~<~<~~

    You've had some sweet cues lately. I don't see this lasting long. Good luck.
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    Veneer cues. TS PFD Cochran Barnhart TS

    All very nice, but that TS hoppe is right down my alley. Thanks for sharing.
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    Old Schons

    It seems like Billiards N' Bagels had a boatload of nice cues come through. I would've liked to have met and chatted with Jim.
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    Old Schons

    Awesome, it'd be cool to see pictures.
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    Just a little...finished up...

    Can't wait to see the finished product.
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    Vintage Cue???

    I was poking around on facebook or maybe here recently and came across a Rauenzahn cue that looked pretty darn close if not exactly like this one. Could it be one of his cues? I will try and look for the photo, upon seeing it I thought to myself, that's the cue on AZ.
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    My new cues\ Guess the maker

    I will guess Omen cues.
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    Vintage Cue???

    Really sweet cue there. Tell us more.