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  1. Pangit

    What makes a custom cue expensive?

    Is a Cadillac better than a Chrysler?
  2. Pangit

    What is a Pool Player's Most Important Skill?

    A straight stroke...the shorter the better.
  3. Pangit

    Has the quality difference between "custom" and "production" become negligible?

    Minions pay for the "Custom" name. Thats how they stay in business. The only thing you get with a "custom" cue is a custom high priced custom "paint job." A "custom" cue won't make you play any better. Chrome don't get ya home.
  4. Pangit

    Cue ID. This one has me completely stumped!

    Bill Stroud?
  5. Pangit

    Are the Ko brothers Ambi-ocular?

    They are both Taiwanese...last time I checked. ;)
  6. Pangit

    Best Pro Players

    Hard to disagree with this assessment. Kyren Wilson ain't bad either.
  7. Pangit

    Trivia contest

    Bill Stroud.
  8. Pangit

    Where are all the Kamui Chalk Warriors these days?

    Does it still have "Magic dust" embedded? I have to hand it to Kamui, their marketing department is top shelf. :thumbup2:
  9. Pangit

    Whos instructional videos do you like?

    Mute and just watch Efren play, no "commentary" needed. Those who can, do; those who can't, teach :wink:
  10. Pangit

    What's more important, a good tip or a good shaft?

    How many "crooked" cue shafts have you purchased/played with? Please tell us who made it? Enquiring minds want to know. You can usually find at least a handful of "straight" house cues in most places.
  11. Pangit

    Practice Shaft vs Play Shaft

    I've been practicing with my playing shaft since I was about 8 years old. ;)
  12. Pangit

    Pool Cue Shaft Grading Specs.

    I'm thinking the Wizard is far, far more important than the Wand. "Shipmate" :wink:
  13. Pangit

    Traditional shaft

    At the end of the's ALWAYS the Wizard, not the Wand. Maybe you should try one of those shaft's made form vintage bowling alley wood? Practice, Practice, Practice is always the answer.
  14. Pangit

    Breaking rules...what am I missing here?

    The balls get racked by the Ref in an old fashioned triangle. Once the Ref racks 'em you are on the "shot clock" you can "examine" all you want, but it won't be re-racked and it's cutting into your breaking time, that would mitigate all this nonsense. Get on with it and stop mucking around.
  15. Pangit

    What Percentage of Professional Snooker Players Do You Reckon Uses a Cueing Glove?

    I'm not a real "expert" on three cushion billiards. With that said, I've never seen Raymond Ceulemans, Torbjörn Blomdahl, or Efren Reyes use a cuing glove in a 3 cushion match. I may be wrong. :scratchhead:
  16. Pangit

    It’s Time for Pool Sayings ....Again

    This is clearly why you play pool vs making love. Does your signifiant other (if you have one) "approve" of your pool playing activities?
  17. Pangit

    2 inch balls on 7ft bar box

    I feel sorry for any lad that has 2 inch balls on a 7 foot table. :wink: