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  1. arnaldo

    Sick Trick

    Many thx for this vid, Jason. It's otherworldly imaginative. This lad is a good kind of crazy. Arnaldo ____________________________________________________________________________
  2. arnaldo

    Astonishing legacy of "The Hustler" - (multi-award winning 1961 pool movie)

    I had exactly the same backstory as yours, Mike, in my Ozone Park/ Richmond Hill neighborhood. It magically opened the door to a lifetime of multi-faceted pleasure with our mutually-beloved sport, and especially the gift that keeps on giving: 14.1. Which Mosconi once ruefully called "a...
  3. arnaldo

    Astonishing legacy of "The Hustler" - (multi-award winning 1961 pool movie)

    What a reviving shot in the arm this film gave to players, room owners, and potential new-interest players. Dyer's beautifully crafted 4-page article from Billiards Digest fully details the tidal wave of worldwide awareness and player-influx that the film's 1961 release led to...
  4. arnaldo

    Bill Mielke has passed away... Arnaldo _________________________________________________________________________________
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    If you could go back in time and watch just one player...

    I'd love to travel back four centuries and see how this game went: ____________________________________________________________________________ William Shakespeare, Antony and Cleopatra, ACT II, SCENE V Alexandria. Cleopatra's palace. Enter CLEOPATRA, CHARMIAN, IRAS, and ALEXAS. Att. The...
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    My all-time favorite AZB thread! It got me so hooked I signed-up immediately.

    Enjoy: Arnaldo ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
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    Who is the best pool player in the world and how much do they earn?

    No advice could be more antithetical to the definition and core existential aim/purpose of any worthwhile discussion forum. My three cents. Arnaldo ~ However, personally answering one's own "meaning of life" questions does beneficially eliminate the need for most of the planet's gaudily-garbed...
  8. arnaldo

    Least favorite thing about the Derby?

    I appreciate knowing/learning about the smoking permitted policy there. That would dissuade me from ever attending that otherwise appealing event . However, to each his own. As Sinatra used to say: "You do you . . . and I'll do me." Arnaldo...
  9. arnaldo

    Happy Veterans Day

    Thx. Nice to be remembered. Just read somewhere that we're about one-percent of the population, which figures out to be about three and 1/2 million of us and diminishing annually. Arnaldo ~ US Army sergeant (infantry/ordnance), Korean War era.
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    REWARD + GoFundMe Acct. to catch Mike Surber's murderer

    Great advice, Maha. It's a certainty this creature has done this crime elsewhere in the past when he was sure he'd get away with it. I advise taking this particular matter up, on any of the very active, much larger social media platforms. Somebody will remember something. Arnaldo...
  11. arnaldo

    Pros today vs the pros yesterday

    Totally accurate comment, Hu. And there's a not-immediately-obvious reason for that: -- Virtually all of the older players -- especially the top tier -- honed their "smarts" (lightning-fast, instinctive risk-reward assessment on every shot) -- not via cumulative tournament experiences -- but...
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    In The Kitchen

    You're all too young to know the true origin. It's called the kitchen in several sports for the very logical reason that it's where you SERVE from -- as with the kitchens of all homes, no matter how basic or ultra-luxurious the housing may be. Arnaldo ~ I'm in my ninth decade and I heard that...
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    Which country has the best pool players?

    Get back to work, THam. The gal in room 5 entertaining "guests" needs new towels. Arnaldo ________________________________________________________________________________________
  14. arnaldo

    Which country has the best pool players?

    When I was still in my single digits-old I learned that a country has a defined perimeter -- whether an island country or a country amidst a cluster of nearby countries. Arnaldo...
  15. arnaldo

    Earl Strickland's relatively new YouTube channel and his official website

    Earl's Youtube channel: Earl's official website: Who doesn't like to see a world-class player harvesting back a few shekels -- during his Golden Years -- from decades of contributing his unique excitement...
  16. arnaldo

    why do some pros fly to England for the tournament, when they have a small chance of winning?

    Billiards Digest magazine and Pool & Billiards magazine should get on the concept your valid question enterprisingly or inadvertently implies. There's great reader interest/human interest in conceivable interviews and the resulting articles that emanate. It's an age-old -- why did HE enter --...
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    TCC, I get a hearty laugh-out-loud chuckle whenever I read those nine new words under your TCC handle: ("pool is stupid and i hate all of you") Muchas Gracias. Arnaldo ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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    Regarding diminished in-person spectating, there are obviously many, many factors involved, but certainly some percentage of folks here and abroad -- who won't publicly admit to it -- are fully aware that Covid and its ongoing permutation-generating processes still exist and those airborne...
  19. arnaldo

    Denny (you putz)

    Each match is set up as "He has to reach 100 points before you reach 35." Any national-class player will try that for a few matches. Arnaldo ~ Adjust parameters as necessary for either party. See whose wallet or will diminishes first...
  20. arnaldo

    Denny (you putz)

    Dan (Dan T. I'm guessing from the guitar and lndy location) -- I'm personally glad and entertained to see some Straight Pool woofing on the forum. I'm convinced that a Dan T. vs Dan H. (Harriman) matchup, appropriately weighted would be worth filming, perhaps streaming. Neither gambler would...