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  1. Big Perm

    Restroom Breaks During League / Weekly Tournament Matches

    This.....I could see where someone might need to take one quick break, and they do it in between games, or at least right before their turn, but anything else smells like a shark. I'm surprised any tournament operator would allow this type of behavior. Other than medical circumstances or maybe...
  2. Big Perm

    What's the threshold between Deliberate & Slow play

    Regular - up to 20 seconds on most shots, may take a little more time for a tough shot or to analyze the table right after a break. Deliberate - up to 30 seconds on most shots, may take a little more time for etc, etc, etc Slow - often takes 40 seconds to pretty much do anything, if you are...
  3. Big Perm

    Remembering Royce Bunnell (RBC)

    RIP Royce....super nice guy, always made it a point to come over to my table and say hello, outgoing and kind. Thoughts and prayers to his family and close friends.
  4. Big Perm

    The real reason men are better at pool than women

    This post makes me think of a movie quote.....a pool movie quote....with a twist: "You win one more game or make one more derogatory post on AZB about women, you're gonna be humping your fist for a long time. " :D
  5. Big Perm

    Just a recreational player

    Meh, it's just a different mindset......likely his Dad told him that before he bought a cue that unscrews or anything other than the cues at the bar, he needed to beat everyone in the room....kind of an old school mindset you'll run into sometimes.......or maybe he just sucks that bad :D The...
  6. Big Perm

    Kick-ass Brunswick Gold Crown Table + Light Package - Frisco, TX

    Beautiful table! If FuManchu doesn't buy, I'm interested, but the pool fund is low, which would mean sometime around the end of the year for me, and doubt it would last that long. Hope you guys work a deal, great looking table, good luck!
  7. Big Perm

    I got called a chickensh!t by an older fellow

    It's pretty common in local bar tournaments, especially in TX......I learned to play that way as as a kid/teenager, nobody played a safety and they were not welcome......especially when gambling......first started playing in small TX bars in my teens......for people who play that way, you won't...
  8. Big Perm

    What would be your choice of car for a Pool Road Trip?

    Dodge Durango SRT8 - plenty of room for 6, comfy, different suspension set-ups, AWD, and it'll run 170mph or so just in case you need it :D
  9. Big Perm

    i need help banking

    The easy fix would be to simply add a little outside english.....if you are a little short, that will do the trick. But if you are playing only 1pocket, then it's likely you are more focused on cueball. If you are banking short, you are hitting more of the CB, which means more control and...
  10. Big Perm

    What's the deal about people saying pool is dying?

    As mentioned prior, I think it's more just poor management - a local room I hit almost every week, for league, 1pocket, etc....usually run a $25-$35 tab each with food, drinks, and more when we have table time, try to always be respectful, tip about 25%, the last month, twice our...
  11. Big Perm

    roll call...only those that have been here 10+ years.

    Took a break for a while, but returned recently....just over 10 and glad to be back
  12. Big Perm

    Pool hall junkies

    this thread is credited for watching it tonight - wife walked in, wanted to know what kind of crap I was watching......Walken showed up on the screen so she watched for a bit :D
  13. Big Perm

    Pool hall junkies

    two words......Body Karate.....or something along those lines :D Gawd it was bad, but in a good way.....sort of.
  14. Big Perm

    What is it with bridges and pool players?

    I'm no pro, but I did win $18 once after playing 5-10-15 for 12 hours straight. The bridge is counter intuitive - different stance, grip, viewpoint.....personally struggle with touch and controlling the rock, feel more confident stretching or lefty......agree, likely practice will help, but...
  15. Big Perm

    What's the shot here

    The cut on the 6 looks to be high percentage from the pic, but how knows.....otherwise, tap the 6 just past the 5 to the rail with soft draw, lock the que ball up in a wedge with the bottom of the 11 and the other strip right next to it. Best I can see from here.
  16. Big Perm

    Everyone complains about pool just needing a major sponsor....

    I'm a selfish American....what else would you expect :D If you want it to be global, then 30th place in a 128 player event needs to pay out enough to cover airfare and all travel expenses for the week.....and I don't get the impression it's there...yet. Unfortunately, I think it likely needs...
  17. Big Perm

    Everyone complains about pool just needing a major sponsor....

    First, you'd need a company that would benefit from the advertising and be available anywhere people play pool. I think your best bet would be an energy drink, a newer entrant to the market with some money behind it. Red Bull has the market for several smaller market sports, but pool is wide...
  18. Big Perm

    Tony Vs Dennis Chit Chat Thread

    Jay, I was lucky enough to see a decent portion of days 2-4 - thanks for your contribution to the event. Also, hats off to Daniel/POV pool, appreciate what he does for the sport - loving his streams. Started playing pool again a couple of months ago, been watching some of his footage from the...
  19. Big Perm

    9 Footer - Carrollton TX

    Saturday bump
  20. Big Perm

    9 Footer - Carrollton TX

    It's a steal at $800, wanting to open up the room for the kiddos to play this winter.....look at all the gear, this is cheap for this size table, quality balls and cloth....Carrollton TX, table is still whole and can be test hit before purchase.