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  1. steveinflorida

    my OB tip broke iff

    I'm impressed. And, I'm not easily impressed. Way to go OB.
  2. steveinflorida

    Barry Behrman Passes

    RIP Barry. My thoughts and prayers with you family.
  3. steveinflorida

    RIP Johnny Ross

    RIP Johnny
  4. steveinflorida

    Mike Johnson - Jensen Cues needs some prayers

    In my thoughts and prayers.
  5. steveinflorida

    Jay Helfert resigned as Tourney Director at the US Open

    You did the right thing, Jay.
  6. steveinflorida

    From Steve Price

    Happy New Year to all my pals on AZ Billiards.
  7. steveinflorida

    places to play in tampa

    Family Billiards 1212 Rogers St. Clearwater. Eleven tables. Six 9' Gold Crown 1's. 41/2" pockets, Simonis 860 cloth and Super Aramith Pro balls. Five 8' Robertson tables. Very reasonable rates. Open eleven am till 2:30 am 7 days a week. Plenty of good people. Smoking permitted. :thumbup:
  8. steveinflorida

    Freddy The Beard Sick

    Freddie, I wish you the best. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Steve
  9. steveinflorida

    Kevin Varney has Passed Away

    R.I.P. Kevin.
  10. steveinflorida

    Roger Pettit needs some help please.

    My good friend Ray Martin once had a mold problem in his house. It aint no cheap fix. :(
  11. steveinflorida

    stolen cue and case

    I will keep an eye out for your cue and case in the Clearwater area. Lets hope someone comes across it.
  12. steveinflorida

    Older Ginacue

    Had one just like it that I purchased new from Ernie in I believe 1968 or 9. Sold it at Johnston City to a guy who use to travel with Buddy Hall. Wish I still had it.
  13. steveinflorida

    Rambow Collection

    Thanks for sharing. :thumbup:
  14. steveinflorida

    Jack and Jill Cue Club in Arlington Virginia

    Spent many hours in there playing or sweating.
  15. steveinflorida

    Tampa/St. Pete

    Family Billiards 1212 Rogers St. Clearwater. Not smoke free, however, a great place to play. Especially one pocket. Ten tables. Five are 9 ft. Gold Crowns with tight pockets and 860 cloth. Open 11am to 2am.everyday. Friendly folks.:thumbup:
  16. steveinflorida

    Balabushka cues owned by Irving Crane & Wimpy Lassiter

    Luther also played with a Harvey Martin cue. Had a Harvey Martin case that Bill Stroud got from him back 69 or 70.
  17. steveinflorida

    Chuck fields custom case

    Beautiful case. Very well done.
  18. steveinflorida

    Two New Cases For Deanoc

    Rusty, your craftsmanship is over the top. Beautiful work. :thumbup:
  19. steveinflorida

    Best "standard" Shaft

    David Jacoby makes a real good shaft (imho). However, keep in mind, it's the Indian, not the arrow.
  20. steveinflorida

    Passing of a Great - Robert Hempel - Fellini

    I agree with you Alan.