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    Cues ft

    Looking to trade for a richard black,josswest,tascarella. Slade 214 940 1857 I have cues ft and firearms ffl prefferd or in person.
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    Looking to trade multiple cues for one

    I want a josswest,schick,or Richard black. Or older black boar. Hit me up at 903-440-3535
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    Nice cue and good seller
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    Want josswest cue

    Looking for Birdseye player or a 4 point please contact me if you have one 9034403535 slade
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    Web josswest cue

    Looking for Birdseye player or a 4 point please contact me if you have one 9034403535 slade
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    prathers for trade wants guns

    looking for 1911s and Winchester rifles call me at 903 440 3535 slade 6 diffrent prathers and a jump break
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    prather collection for sale

    my prather collection is up for sale. im located in dallas area please contact me if you have any interests can call or text me at 903-440-3535 slade currently taking photos i have some phone ones so far...
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    MIZERAK "DOVE BALABUSHKA" All of Steve's cues tucked in the family closet now seen

    Wonder Wonder where his Gus szamboti is now
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    wtb alex brick jump

    Looking for Alex brick jump cue
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    unknown cue window cue

    Thanks everyone
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    unknown cue window cue

    It's a vikeing or possible custom
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    unknown cue window cue

    didnt see it in palmer catalogs i know theirs other cue makers out thier i thought maybe Abe rich friends cue he just got coming in mail soon we cant figure it out.
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    FS: PFD Studios Ivory Sneaky Pete

    great cue here ive seen it personally and tried it plays very well extremely easy to stop balls imo wish i had the cash
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    Ivory Skull and CrossBone Butt Sleeve

    nice! i wish i could buy a new cue with ivory skulls on it fml lol its nice cool cue.
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    Want to buy - Display Case

    case email sent and text
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    Prather - Wrapless Beauty

    hi prather cues play nice i have 6 i love them glwys.
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    F/S Beautiful Prather

    Beautiful cue love spearpoint cues and Prather cues good luck with your sale
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    adam unkown model if anyone can help

    hi thanks to anyone who can help
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    WTB Bob Dzuricky Cue

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    hi i have 4 prather customs from 95-96 3 jeffs and a dan i think they hit very stiff and have great action with not very high deflection with original shafts would be interested in buying your prather if it comes up for sale