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  1. pfduser

    One Pocket - is Tony the GOAT?

    The best one pocket highlight reel I've seen! Thanks for posting.
  2. pfduser

    Strickland v. Varner, 1991 World 9-Ball - Final Rack

    You beat me to it. I didn't understand what was funny either. Nick is one of the all time greats. And I might add, all disciplines. Bank pool, straight pool, one pocket. He played everything well.
  3. pfduser

    I got the call! Southwest Cues!

    I know there for awhile they wouldn't take a order with ebony in it. Don't know about now though. But if it was me I would go with ebony into ebony with bright blue veneers. Congrats on your Southwest!
  4. pfduser

    Snooker 19 - Video Game

    I'd buy it also. Looks like it would be fun. I agree though, the graphics could be better but gameplay and physics looks great.
  5. pfduser

    Affordable pocket blockers

    Interesting...looks fun nonetheless! Is there somewhere the official rules might be? I'd like to try it out.
  6. pfduser

    John Davis Complete Cue

    Clean looking cue. I particularly like the ring work. Bet it plays great.
  7. pfduser

    Five Years Ago

    Wow, time flies! Hard to believe it's been that long. I remember it like it was yesterday. Nice score Lou. :thumbup:
  8. pfduser


    Jay, How did you and Lotsapoppa come out? I'm assuming ya'll matched up playing one pocket. He passed away some years back. Probably around 2000 or so. Didn't know if you knew it or not.
  9. pfduser

    Law of unintended circumstances

    Yeah, please tell more Dean. I enjoy your stories also.
  10. pfduser

    Un-FREAKING-Buh leev ah bul!!!

    It's amazing how quick these kids learn to play now. Things that took me years and years to learn they pick pick it up in a matter of months.
  11. pfduser

    Un-FREAKING-Buh leev ah bul!!!

    Very difficult indeed! I've tried this version before and it took me hours before I was able to do it. This kid makes it look so easy. Sorta disheartening!
  12. pfduser

    Karen Corr's Job

    Was hoping you would post in this thread knowing you were in the nursing field at one point in your life.
  13. pfduser

    Red, White, and Blue

    Wow! Very patriotic. I'm sure he'll love it. Nice!
  14. pfduser

    Murrel Classic 4 Point

    Great looking cue. I really like the stacked veneers. Perfect!
  15. pfduser

    《[emoji830]☆[emoji830]》Sweet Ed Prewitt Ebony Full Splice 《[emoji830]☆[emoji830]》

    Beautiful cue Sir! This cue has player written all over it. Thanks for sharing.
  16. pfduser

    Decorative Pins in Cues

    I like it. Great idea!
  17. pfduser

    Linen Wrap

    Wax paper and burnish with leather
  18. pfduser

    Show us your HOME ROOMS !!

    Sweet room! I love the table. Bet it plays great.
  19. pfduser

    Think Of It Like Everyone Just Got a One Week Suspension From The Az Mods

    I don't post much but I log on everyday to see what's going on. I was lost this past week. I hope it never happens again.
  20. pfduser

    AZB Growth: Pickup game or geographic section

    Central Alabama here. If you were closer I'd love to play cheap sets like that. Good for practicing. And you recording would be a great bonus.