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    too many cues

    Have 3 low cost cues in 19-20 oz range. balance 18.5 to 19.5. Joss,viper, cheap blackheart. Viper bought to test if I liked heavier cue. Honestly for a cheap cue I like it, like Joss bought cheap on ebay. Oddly discovered-like forward balance of 20-20.5 or slight back but hate mid balance. The...
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    Computer help needed

    online video is a hacker's ' wet dream'. we are globally in the 'war of the hackers'.every browser, program language,server, operating system has so many 'holes' it ain''t funny. it is even possible for a site to have 'malcode' in it and not know it. the hackers used to have to steal your...
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    Need to improve AZ Billiards Forum Search Engine

    Just improving the 'search' etc, can be a 'coding' nightmare. If AZ is clean of any 'malware', leave it alone. Things are so bad. It is not just sites like 'myspace' but CNN, banks, top secret branches of our govt too.The feds first went to sans (top dc security). Then they (top guys in...
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    My home-made ball polisher.

    Geez, I tried to edit the above cuz the words did not wrap right. sorry blu
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    My home-made ball polisher.

    Laura here. Sir, I am really impressed with your creativity and what I call 'out of the box' thinking. It is not about mehanical skills, but when a psychologist displays those characteristics, it is a 'breath of fresh air' Why a psychologist? I worked for 13 years as a 'school psychologist'. I...
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    Some people are un-teachable!

    A long way of saying 'when the student is ready, the teacher will appear'. I could go into probably 100 personalities factors which influence which method is best for a particular student. It need not be 'pool specific', yet learning in a classroom is different than functioning at a sports...
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    Definition of a beautiful stroke.

    Read that quote on a site giving specs on what defined a good tennis racket. Boy, I never saw so much complicated physics as there were on the raquets. Guess if you include the swing, footwork, it would be massive. Gosh, pool is not only a highly enjoyable sport, but a much safer one. Never...
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    ::::::Help!!!! I'm Out Of Stroke!!!::::::

    Guess this 'out of stroke' is different for various folks. I received good instruction on my stroke. I took a few cold winter months off. A friend who is a real player kept saying it was crooked. I insisted I had a straight stroke. The friend at first thought me in denial until he realized what...
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    Books - How to install que tips

    Not going into detail, but you are lying about me on two accounts 1)trying every tip known to man vs the truth (M and H from 2 companies) 2)You have not chased anyone around, but told me to get the tip on my cue I wanted one on at 'such and such pool hall' by 'so and so'. Geez. Wonder what...
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    Ray Schuler custom for sale

    I was on a site that had the specs on the 'new' scuyler cues. The listed balance was 19.5, which seems in between my slightly front balanced custom Layani and my scruggs. But regarding your cue you are selling, the price sounds good but I also wonder what it would take to get those bubbles...
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    Tim Scruggs up for sale

    What is the balance ie-19.5,20 etc of the cue?
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    CUES for Sales

    Sorry about your health, but good luck on your sale. That scruggs may be underpriced. When I got mine 2 years ago his then basic cue with linen-no points is now $400 more. So, what I paid for coco points and leather wrap then is close to what his basic one costs now. Tim is not making as many...
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    Neck Problem

    I have scoliosis too. The thing with the knots is that it is nearly always indicative of misalignment of the spine. It goes like this. Muscle spasms/knots will cause the spine alignment to go and and spine misalignment can cause muscle spasms. A good chiropractor will be about to tell where the...
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    scruggs or andy gilbert

    My scruggs was probably about the same price or 1200 brand new, just has the points and a leather wrap, but an extra shaft comes with it. I guess it is personal preference but I especially like how the scruggs is weighted. Laura
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    Right brain-left brain hogwash

    Yeah the mind wants to run amuk with thoughts and sensations with the rapidity of a 'trip hammer'. Some people can just turn off their thinking when down on the shots quite naturally, while the rest of us have to figure out how to shut it down. There are lots of different 'techniques' out there...
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    Right brain-left brain hogwash

    HaHa. Just ADD alone is very complex, can be caused by many things and manifested in many ways. Hope that helps. :D Laura
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    Right brain-left brain hogwash

    I read the thread on this and like Fred, I came out 'balanced brain' on that tickle test. Actually there is no such thing as right/left brain. It is just a simplistic concept some psychologists or other types came up with to help people understand why some tasks are difficult for them and others...
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    What Attracted You To The Game?

    I had not played pool for 20 years since the bar room scene, when my husband to be invited me to play on his APA team. When I objected, saying I was not good at it, he told me not to worry, they needed 'crappy women' players. Needless to say, it took awhile to overcome that 'sterling complement'...
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    Click here only if you are A player or higher!

    I was teasing.;) And now I will leave your A thread alone. Considering how little I have played pool in the last several months, my pool level is probably in the minus end of things. :cool: Laura
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    Click here only if you are A player or higher!

    Hey just curious. Shouldn't it say 'click here if you are an A player or higher'? Cuz everybody is 'A player or higher' than something, anything. :D :D Laura