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  1. mhilton777

    BUTTERFLY EFFECT CHALLENGE - fullsplice cue for donation

    I received mine in April with an 8" extension and the cue made to 60". It is straight as an arrow and hits like a 2x4!!
  2. mhilton777

    If I x-ray a Balabushka.

    I had a Very Horn that had been sold as a Bushka a couple of times before I got it. Great looking and playing cue. Wish I still had it as well!!
  3. mhilton777

    WTB Andy Gilbert Cue with Iv**y

    Check the Gilbert Cue Fans group on Facebook. There are several cues on there. Sean Brown (cueaddicts) may have a lead on a few as well.
  4. mhilton777

    BUTTERFLY EFFECT CHALLENGE - fullsplice cue for donation

    I received an email from Anton this morning to get specs for my cue build so it looks like they are ready to start building complete cues.
  5. mhilton777

    Sorry, the sale is over

    Order placed. Thanks Tom and Merry Christmas!
  6. mhilton777

    Jerimy Chambers

    He does still have the same number and he is kind of a hard guy to get a hold of sometimes!!
  7. mhilton777

    Jerimy Chambers

    Jerimy is still doing work. Do you need his number. He and I have known each other forever and I was in his wedding.
  8. mhilton777

    2021 Doug Patrick Cue

    Last price drop to $1050 otherwise it is going back in the case!!
  9. mhilton777

    2021 Doug Patrick Cue

    Bump. $1250 shipped for this great cue. Trades for cues or cases will be entertained.
  10. mhilton777

    🌶 Dan Dishaw Titlist 🌶

    That is a great looking Dishaw!!
  11. mhilton777

    2021 Doug Patrick Cue

    Price reduced for this beautiful cue.
  12. mhilton777

    2021 Doug Patrick Cue

    Doug Patrick Custom Cue. Beautiful cue with very little play and no dents or Dings. Everything is straight. Butt - Curly maple forearm and butt. Ebony points with 5 veneers of alternating blue. Spearheads on points look like a dark abalone but not sure of the material. Butt sleeve is curly...
  13. mhilton777

    Concert type ear plugs

    I have used these for 15+years while teaching and playing music and they work great!
  14. mhilton777

    Andy Gilbert contact info needed

    This is from the Gilbert facebook page: Our new address is: 6023 N Star Dr Panama City, FL 32404 You can message here on Facebook ( =AZUUvnZVvEevOMEF27bZFDx2x_14KXrrrEa6g5vBZ1XmWzf_2q_XfAMegKvpW2iWtAjFKn-uVLxkgJeQpL82SXR7eldifYgbBX3Tm9C3QX-A6PYl7mXnz-ulfYk0hICKYZQ&__tn__=-]K-R']Bob Gilbert ) Or...
  15. mhilton777

    Mary Kenniston is a national treasure

    Mary is one of my favorite people on the planet! Has a ton of knowledge on the game and is a complete sweetheart! Here is a pic of me, Mary and Colonel Bille Miller a few years ago playing at Bille's house.
  16. mhilton777

    Adrian Viguera- Hadrianus Cues

    I played with Adrian at the Green Room in Downers Grove when I lived in IL. His cues play great and he is a great guy!! I used to have a couple of them and they got lost in a car fire along with a few other cues.
  17. mhilton777

    Sold Store your cues safely

    I will take 2 of 2x4. Let me know how to pay.
  18. mhilton777


    I am pretty sure it was Mack 10. Gangstas Make the World Go Round.
  19. mhilton777

    Finally Antique Ball Cleaner

    I agree! Let us see how you built it Cal. I would love to make one for a buddy of mine!