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  1. JeremiahGage

    Target Pool by Kim Davenport

    Target Pool is awesome and one of the best training aids for pool. Unfortunately, it was discontinued over a decade ago, and I wanted something like this for my students, so I took the liberty to create a new version with a new array of shots and a much better target. It's called Bullseye Billiards
  2. JeremiahGage

    Postive Covid19 Test at CSI / BCAPL event

    I attended CSI's event and they made a good call to stop the team events, but it's possible that the novel Coronavirus was spreading the entire time. Here are some good scientific articles worth reading: Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now Why outbreaks like coronavirus spread exponentially, and...
  3. JeremiahGage

    My Four "BEST Recommends" on the mental aspects of Playing Pool

    Excellent recommendations! Another book I highly recommend, especially for players who fall apart under pressure is Choke: What the Secrets of the Brain Reveal About Getting It Right When You Have To Choke provides the missing link between brain and body, science and life. Here’s what really...
  4. JeremiahGage

    BEF 2017 Junior Nationals Live Stream
  5. JeremiahGage

    BEF to start...

    There are plans to stream the event in Las Vegas this year, so make sure to follow the BEF Facebook page for updates:
  6. JeremiahGage

    Has Any U.S Tour Tried 15B Rotation

    15-ball rotation is tough and will surely push the limits on people's ability to run racks, possibly making it more interesting to watch than 9-ball at least. I like watching 1-pocket because of the creativity of the players, but rotation games don't have nearly as much strategy. Essentially, if...
  7. JeremiahGage

    Learn with an aiming system or not

    Start with a simple aiming system like ghost ball so you can have some starting reference to guide your aim. Over time, you will start to develop a feel for aiming and be able to detect subtleties such as throw and also be more precise with your aim. After you've practiced and played a lot, you...
  8. JeremiahGage

    Next level practicing...

    And if you want an even bigger challenge, throw all 15 balls out and try running them without the cue ball contacting a rail. I have found this to be great practice for finding patterns, as it forces you to plan multiple shots ahead.
  9. JeremiahGage

    No Safeties Allowed

    That's true, the "give the shot back" rule works much better for rotation games. I'm not sure what could be done for 8-ball that would reduce the problem, except for just allowing defense :)
  10. JeremiahGage

    No Safeties Allowed

    I've come across certain rules where I was "not allowed" to play a safety, but who's to say whether a shot I chose was a safety or not? I could "accidentally" miscue or hit a shot so bad that it ends up in a safety. I could argue that I was going for the shot because nobody else knows what my...
  11. JeremiahGage

    Why I love slop

    Eliminating call shot will simplify the rules, which will have a number of effects: 1. fewer disputes between players regarding if a shot was called or not 2. easier to learn the rules 3. allow 2-way (and more) offensive shots, which will make offense more appealing and thus make games go faster...
  12. JeremiahGage

    Thoughts on shot clocks?

    I'm with Bob on using a chess clock. It makes more sense to have a total amount of time per game instead of per shot. With that said, there needs to be rules for certain situations such as waiting for the player to shoot on the table next to you and also not hitting the clock until all balls...
  13. JeremiahGage

    Stroke Tempo (?)

    Here is a diagram I created for my shooting routine that shows the relative tempo of the backswing vs the stroke:
  14. JeremiahGage

    PBIA Website Address

    We are aware of the problem with the PBIA site, so we appreciate your patience while we work on a fix.
  15. JeremiahGage

    Powder device

    If you want the most consistency and less of a mess, then definitely get a glove. It feels weird for a few days, but you will get used to it. If you are really against using a glove, then you can reduce the amount of powder use by washing your hands before a match and keeping your cue...
  16. JeremiahGage

    Thoughts on phones for calling fouls

    If cameras on phones can improve the accuracy of calls, then that is a good thing for the sport.
  17. JeremiahGage

    Attention pool room owners - grow your business!

    This is a great idea! (if it's legally allowed in your area) Also, you can hold junior state championships to send some kids to the Jr. Nationals:
  18. JeremiahGage

    Bca/csi advance players list

    I recommend watching CSI's latest podcast:
  19. JeremiahGage

    Can You Improve?

    I like to make 4 distinctions with regards to improvement: fundamentals, shot making, strategy, and competition. Check out my short blog post on the subject: The way to improve is through feedback and training, of which I...
  20. JeremiahGage

    Playing with a Balance Rite

    I use the Balance Rite as an extension, but I really like it. Also, you can chain two of them together for even more length. If you do this, be careful not to go over the max weight allowed for a cue.