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    Kielwood shaft

    BUMP... any offers out there?
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    Kielwood shaft

    I have a Diviney Kielwood shaft that i picked up at Derby City for sale. The pin is 3/8 x 11. I used it on on Southwest. The shaft is basically brand new. Maybe less than 3 hours of play before i stored it away. Price: $300 shipped
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    Push out 9 ball

    Can someone please explain to me the rules of push out 9 ball? I dont know if theres a rule book on this type of 9 ball. All comments are much appreciated.
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    Efren at 2016 Derby City

    Does anyone know if Efren will be attending this years derby city?
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    Show us your Centennial cases

    Centennial cases My matching set of Centennials
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    Group purchase for cyclops balls

    Is anyone doing a group purchase for the cyclops balls? Is there a discount for ordering a multiple amount?
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    2 x 4 centennial case

    Anyone have a 2 x 4 centennial in very good condition up for sale? Please PM me. Very interested.
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    One pocket question

    What if my ball went in first?
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    One pocket question

    If im playing a guy 9-6 and my out ball is hanging in the pocket and hes shooting at his out ball... If my oponent makes his out ball and my out ball who wins?
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    Alex Brick Jump cues

    where can i purchase one of these cue jump cues at? (ALEX BRICK)
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    FS/FT Jimmy Ingram sneaky and 2x4 George case

    Im interested in the case... Any pics?
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    FS:Super Fancy sneaky

    Does it only come with a ld shaft?
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    Wanted: Best person to install cork wrap

    Cork wrap? Any1 got some pics of that?
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    Archer vs SVB

    Anyone know the score?
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    WTB It's George 2x4

    Dave... what color? Might have a grey one for sale
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    dennis hatch... no rail?

    My buddy recorded it and it was a good hit.
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    Amway Cup 2011 updates

    Anybodt know if you can watch the 2012 amway cup on the iphone?
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    Florian Venom " A trick Shot God"

    WOW... i mean thats some talent