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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Sorry I don't get this one
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Why does everyone keep re-posting. Don't you look and read?
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Sorry I don't post a lot, but I have to chime in n this one. I lived in Hawaii for 24 years and opened and ran several companies. As a Houle I was sometimes resented by some of the locals. What they didn't realize was that without us they wouldn't have a job. So, are they better off on...
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Jim Carrey can go F**k himself. What a loser
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    Break Cue Tip Replacement

    Hi, I live on the Big Island of Hawaii and I can't find anyone to replace my Samsara tip on a break cue. I'm going to be in both the Long Beach, Ca area and the Tucson area in mid to late May. I could send the shaft to someone and pick it up when I arrive. Any recommendations? Thanks, Randy
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    Break cue which tip?

    I have an Orange Crusher that was using the Samsara tip. Unfortunately it needs replacing and being on the Big Island in Hawaii my options are very limited. What is the purpose of the harder tips? Do you lose power if using a regular tip? As Dockter said he gets more control using a regular...
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    Rehab from Back Surgery

    Hi all, I've been in excruciating pain for the last 6 months and could barely walk. It ends up I had a fractured vertebrae (S1 L-5) that was totally compressing the nerve down my left leg. The surgeon replaced a herniated disc and used screws and rods to fuse S1/L5 and then bone fusion between...
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    Intimidation, Pressure, And a combination

    James Loehr "Mental Toughness" is a great book for all sports. Give it a try.
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    Terminology Question

    During the discussion of the new Cyclop balls, the term "skid" came up quite often. I'm not familiar with the exact meaning of the term. Does skid refer to the cue ball skidding when executing the shot or doing something after contact with the object ball. My table was just recovered with...
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    Break Speed App

    I use mine for when I'm playing and also to work on my break with the Breakrak. I just leave it on the table and reset before every break when practicing. I agree that it's needs to be able to keep a log. They could get rid of the Facebook link, just a waste for me.
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    Name on Fabric

    Thanks, that's exactly what I needed to know
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    Name on Fabric

    Quick question, I am going to have my table re-covered and the local mechanic will be supplying the cloth (Tournament 3030). I want to make sure it is genuine fabric from Championship and was wondering if the name is on the backside to verify. Randy
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    What Do You Look for in Billiard Instruction?

    If I can inject my 2 cent's worth. I live on the Big Island of Hawaii and we don't have any known instructors available. I own multiple books on pool the latest being Mark's great book. What I did is bought a GoPro Hero 3 camera and set it up on a tripod. By taking video's from the...
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    Predator Break Speed App

    Mine is also crashing on a GS4 using a 4.4.2 rom I contacted Break Speed but haven't heard back.
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    Best way to record game (camcorder or webcam?)

    You might look into a GoPro. Lot's of different resolutions available and with their app you can change it to slow motion for analyzing. I slow it way down from HD recording to really see stroke movements that need correcting. Randy
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    Favorite Cloth Color

    I'm getting ready to order some Tour Edition 3030 and was wondering what everyone's favorite color was. We have a standard green on the table at this time. I'm leaning towards the the Euro Blue but SWMBO isn't quite so sure I thinks she like the standard green. She is just learning the game...
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    Do you try to "pop" the CB on the break?

    So what is the technique to get it to pop? I have tried but I am not consistent.
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    shoulder sore

    Just for everyone's info. The rotator cuff muscles CAN NOT HEAL themselves. They are the only muscles in the body that don't have blood flow to them thus requiring surgery to fix a tear. You can do therapy to strengthen the muscles but eventually you will start substituting other muscles and...
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    Possible To Still Buy Pre Flag Masters?

    Here is my original post regarding NO DIFFERENCE in pre flag and flag: Quote: Originally Posted by Pre-Flag Master View Post Yeah, that joke has been made around AZ before, but it's funny. I'm beginning to think it comes down to the moisture content originally in the chalk as it's...