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  1. illusivetrout

    Madison 3-Cushion Billiards Club - Fun Video

    Wow,What a great place. Looks you're off to a good start. Thanks for posting.
  2. illusivetrout

    A carom present from Accu-Stats

    Three cushion played at the highest level. Thank you.
  3. illusivetrout

    Royal pro cloth video

    Great video.Theres a lot to be learned. Must watch many more times to absorb it all.
  4. illusivetrout

    Mini Venomette playing 3c

    Great speed control young lady. Keep playing this great game. I'm impressed with your skill.
  5. illusivetrout

    new viet 3c record

    What a high level of play. He was probably playing position of all three balls.Where has this guy been hiding?
  6. illusivetrout

    nice place to play in atlanta ga

  7. illusivetrout

    Enough is enough!!!

    His points don't count because he didn't keep one foot on the floor.
  8. illusivetrout

    Where was Simonis when I used to play?

    I agree.So what were we playing on ? /
  9. illusivetrout

    CHICAGO - Surge Coffee Bar and Billiards

    Three cushion tables?
  10. illusivetrout


    So what's the difference? You have to play the table for what it is. Off level,too hot,too cold,too dry,bad cuhsions, etc etc.
  11. illusivetrout

    Deadfall billiard scene

    Why would someone agree to a thousand a polnt when you've never seen them play before. Thanks for posting.
  12. illusivetrout

    Friggin' Ridulously Hot.....Way Too Soon For " The Dog Days of Summer"

    I live in Az..Last Tuesday the temperature of the asphalt in front of my house measured 173 degrees F.Flat tires and recaps on the freeway.
  13. illusivetrout

    Gold Crown 1 Rails

    I'm always impressed with your knowledge Glen. You are the man.
  14. illusivetrout

    If You Were to Start Learning an Artistic Stroke...

    And now you have silicone all over your table and it does not play normally.
  15. illusivetrout

    Any other oldies out there finding out the "golden years" is just another lie

    The guys at work call this the" golden shower years".
  16. illusivetrout

    Incredible billiard to me

    Set that up on your table and see how long it takes just to come close. This guy did it on his first attempt.
  17. illusivetrout

    Ball cleaner polisher comparison

    I have a ballstar that works great with the supplied cleaner. Why would you want to put wax on a billiard ball?Would wax give the ball a lack of adhesion to the cloth?I've seen 3c trick shot artists use silicone for lack of adhesion but you don't really need this effect all the time.
  18. illusivetrout

    great training vid

    Thank you.What simple solutions to what seem like complex shots.
  19. illusivetrout

    Beat it.

    Does anyone know where the Beat it music video by Mike Jackson was filmed?.I see a couple of three cushion tables in the background.
  20. illusivetrout

    News from Luca.

    What a great age to start learning. Make sure to play with some good players. They can teach you a lot.Thats not a table it's a spherical impact laboratory. Have fun young man.