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  1. RRfireblade

    When Using the Term ‘Cheap Sets’ - How much $/Set Does That Mean?

    Cheap should always at least cover the time and (a reasonable) drink tab, imo.
  2. RRfireblade

    If your on the fence on buying a ball polisher, buy it

    Is that pro or con vid? Looks like it cleans less than half a ball. The 15 spins at the top the whole time, the 10 stays on the stripe, all of 'em on one axis etc...
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    Asking for help: Please post the balance point of your production cue.

    just FYI, this thread is from 2015.
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    Ebony question

    Normal. Its wood.
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    JS Pro Golfer?

    The real problem with handicap systems, and that's pretty much all handicap systems, is they work best in the middle of the system and not so great at the extreme ends.
  6. RRfireblade

    JS Pro Golfer?

    Better than that. I was +7 and couldn't hang on. And don't forget all these earnings and winnings that you see tossed about here and there, are all well before taxes and expenses....all payed by the golfer. (Outside of sponsorship and appearance which only apply to the very top players)
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    What pool players do when not playing pool

    There was someone doing wraps years ago like that.
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    What pool players do when not playing pool

    Damn straight. Any damn straight. Lol.
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    What pool players do when not playing pool

    It's literally a race car. Track use only, built for roll racing primarily but use it for other events. You really can't drive it on the streets with the way the turbos are tuned. Have a 6.2L SS Camaro, pictured in my original post, for weekend street use (0-60 3.9s/ 11s 1/4) and a Tesla for...
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    What pool players do when not playing pool

    Nice. Talking old(ish) irons, my heart will always be with these... TA protos.
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    What pool players do when not playing pool

    It's goes. All wheel drive, 1500hp. 8s 1/4 mile.
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    I've been playing for 105 years and I don't remember what the ball colors are supposed to be. J/k
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    What pool players do when not playing pool

    Audi R8 v10 with twin turbos.
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    What pool players do when not playing pool

    Golf. Boating. Racing cars. Writing/Playing/Performing music, Working in the shop.
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    Starting a Office Pool League / Ranking system

    I'd probably just do a round Robin and then start a ladder system. Not sure what kind of League you're planning on putting together on one table. And I don't think you're likely to get people who are not that serious about the game to all show up consistently.
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    Why is everything handicapped in the US or how to improve as a B-ish (or 525-ish) player?

    IMO, that's the real bottom line here and in most hcp gripes I hear. I think for those people, it just hits the ego less (telling yourself you're) losing to a better player.
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    Easy ball or hard one

    I think... "You" should shoot the hard shot first 100% of the time. You are never going to make 7 shots in a row with your mind on the "hard" money shot at the end anyway. Bottom line IMO, if you think certain shots are 'hard' or 'easy' then your whole approach to the game is flawed anyway...
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    Break Cue Features and Justification

    There are bigger than 460 for sure. Non-conforming Obviously, been around for a while too. 460 became the limit like way back in the early 2000s like three or four I think. I think I've seen up to 750cc? Not only head size but the shaft length as well. CF has made almost anything possible. But...
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    Break Cue Features and Justification

    460cc. They came up with that size as the limit because they didn't think it was possible to even make them that big and or anyone could swing it. It was a random shot in the dark at a number to put in the rule book and now it's the standard in the industry. Insane really.