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  1. Da breo

    best pool one liners

    " this guy couldn't rack a carton on eggs" Earl Strickland at this week Monday night tourney at Steinway.
  2. Da breo

    Josey and older Schon cues for sale!

    Up for sale Schon Runde era cue with three shaft for sale Cue was recently refinish with new wrap.Weight about 19oz Asking price 1500 or best offer. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] 2013 brand new josey cue never used. Weight 18.5oz Asking 1300 or best offer. Thank you, Raphael
  3. Da breo

    Help identify Cues please.

    Recently bought these cues and i'm unaware of what they are. I know two are the same but i believe they might be Brunswick personals. The third cue has no marking or logo and no one I've ask so far seems to know what kind of cue it is. Thank you and any help will be appreciated. The unknown...
  4. Da breo

    Best hitting cue you ever played with.

    I've owned my sugar tree for sometime now and IMO nothing hits better!
  5. Da breo

    Best hitting cue you ever played with. Ive own this cue for sometime and nothing comes close.
  6. Da breo

    Allen Hopkins of Allen jr.

    Hi Donny, I believe last year's pro event they used the Aramith Tournament balls, I would think they would use them again. *here's a link to what they look like..... Hopefully this helps. Good luck
  7. Da breo

    CM360 Fearless Premium Layer cue tips (hand made in Japan)!!!

    Hi duke, I got to admit trying something new is always a challenge (a tip) cause of the affect it has on your game. Playing with the CM360 30NM at first was a big surprise due to the quality of hit (solid) and consistency. Tip needs very little upkeep and hold chalk far better than anything...
  8. Da breo

    Wtb small portable lathe

    Thanks for the info guys. Greatly appreciated.
  9. Da breo

    Wtb small portable lathe

    Hi everyone, I'm lookin to buy a used lathe in good condition mainly to do tips, wraps, cleaning work. Looking for something small, if possible something portable. I'm looking to spend about 600(low on funds) :/. Thank you all, Raphael
  10. Da breo

    NY. 9ft gold crown 3 for sale.

    Bump, any one?
  11. Da breo

    NY. 9ft gold crown 3 for sale.

    i have got a 9ft gold crown 3 for sale.i got the table with intention to put it in my place, plans have change and cant have it. its in great condition with no damage to wood trim or slate. the rubber are in great condition. i got from a home owner who have had the table for about 8yrs. im...
  12. Da breo

    wtb pool table in nyc

    im looking to buy a pool table in nyc and surrounding areas within 50miles. Im looking for a 9 foot brunswick in good condition, must be 3 piece slate. I'll also consider other table makers but has to be in good shape. please let me know you got and your asking price. I'm not really looking to...