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  1. L.S. Dennis

    Never forget Mike Lebron

    I would point out one difference in the Pete Rose/Buddy Hall analogy, and that is Pete Rose never bet on his team to lose, big difference. Another questionable win in pool was the 1996 Varner/Davenport final match at the Sands Regency casino. Most of the people sitting around me were convinced...
  2. L.S. Dennis

    Nick Varner

    I think that is Jay's opinion as well!
  3. L.S. Dennis

    Pool Halls, Reno, NV

    I remember one just a couple of blocks from the Sands, I used to play there once in a while when I went to Reno for the Sands tournaments. But The Grand High Sierra would be the perfect place to stage a world class tournament (hint hint Emily).
  4. L.S. Dennis

    Pool Halls, Reno, NV

    Again, so sad. I have some fond memories from 'The Biggest Little City in the World'! I guess the only reasonable place to stage a big tournament now would be The High Sierra which used to be call the MGM if I'm not mistaken.
  5. L.S. Dennis

    Pool Halls, Reno, NV

    That's really sad, for Reno not to have a single pool room is worst than absurd! Reno has such a rich pool history, with all those great Sands events in the past. Wasn't Diamond Billiards out in the direction of the Peppermill, it was a nice place as I recall.
  6. L.S. Dennis

    Nick Varner

    I used to see Nick once in a while when he came into Dee Hulse's Executive Billiards in Redwood City Ca. years ago. He was always pleasant and very approachable usually with that smile on his face! Happy Birthday Nick, and what a year you had in 1989!
  7. L.S. Dennis

    Rhino carbon fiber

    I agree, it looks like a bad ferrule but easily fixable. At most maybe 1/8th of an inch might be taken off the CF portion but no big deal especially since it's just a break shaft anyway. Nonetheless this shouldn't have happened in the first place.
  8. L.S. Dennis

    Rhino carbon fiber

    Very strange indeed! I have to believe this is a one off, I love my Rhino CF shaft and still think they are a great value for the money.
  9. L.S. Dennis

    Anyone using Simones Green cloth?

    Years ago my first table was a Brunswick Viscount and when I got it home it obviously needed new cloth. I went to an old blilliard supply company on mission street in SF called Whitehead and Zimmerman maybe some of you old timers will remember it. Brought in the rails to be recovered and the guy...
  10. L.S. Dennis

    Simonis 300?

    Thanks, this is the sort of feedback I was hoping for.
  11. L.S. Dennis

    Simonis 300?

    Has anyone ever put Simonis 300 on a regular 9 foot table? If so how did it play? It's my understanding that it is only used on carom tables.
  12. L.S. Dennis

    UK Too Slow

    Ha Ha, yes that should have read STRICT enforcement! While we're at this shot clock thing, how about each player being allowed 3 extensions per MATCH, instead of one per inning? That way they would really have to plan their extensions carefully throughout the game. Just a thought.
  13. L.S. Dennis

    UK Too Slow

    I agree, strick enforcement of a shot clock and limited extensions are what's needed!
  14. L.S. Dennis

    Matchroom 2024 UK Open Nineball (7-12 May2024), Prize Fund $200K

    Totally agree, filmed matches without a strictly adhered to shot clocks are unwatchable. Nine ball was supposed to be the 'fast and loose' tv friendly game, initially that's why it was chosen in the first place for television! Instead with these slow players of today it's become the exact opposite!
  15. L.S. Dennis

    Are Top Level Pool Players Better Today?

    I tend to agree with you on the 'boring robots' comment. Another thing is today's players take WAY too long to shoot when there's no shot clock in place. I attempted to watch some of the Scottish Open and had to turn it off, akin to watching paint dry! Last night I watched a match between Varner...
  16. L.S. Dennis

    Bay Area pool scene

    Now THAT'S the biggest problem you'll have out here!
  17. L.S. Dennis

    Old Pool Hall Owners Hoppe

    Interesting, I still have mine that I bought in 63' but would never sell because of sentimental reasons. I don't have a clue what these things are worth, especially the one that's being advertised because of its modifications. Good luck with it!
  18. L.S. Dennis

    Simonis Cloth Question

    I know that Simonis 300 is primarily a carom table cloth, and for that reason I assume it's their fastest cloth they make. My question is how much faster is it than 760 which I assume is their second fastest cloth. Has anyone ever put 300 on a regular 4/12x9 pool table, and if so how did it work...
  19. L.S. Dennis

    1950’s Cue Builders, List

    I still have one of his cue model #87-16 that I bought new back in the mid 90's. It still plays great now mated with a Rhino CF shaft.
  20. L.S. Dennis

    Jayson Shaw on a roll.

    I too have heard of Irv Crane's comments on that run and also his asessment of Babe's integrity is or was of the highest order. If I'm not mistaken wasn't it also Carl Zingale who vouched for that run, I think I remember Jay commenting on that. I believe that run probably did occur. This takes...