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  1. cjr3559

    Anyone using Simones Green cloth?

    I wanted a traditional look and went with Simonis green. In hindsight if I really wanted to ‘turn back the clock’ incandescent lighting and dark green/spruce cloth would have been more fitting. Now I realize good lighting is priority, so I’m considering changing to a 5k perimeter light and...
  2. cjr3559

    Equal Offense II

    Update two years later. While I haven’t been practicing near the amount sessions from 2-3 years ago, and haven’t been logging progress by spreadsheet, my overall average has in fact improved to nearly 6 (precisely 5.7) Since my bump in average I’ve been keeping stats in the 1 miss level and...
  3. cjr3559

    Another 21st century light option / Solvita

    Another modern light option for consideration. Solvita Comparatively priced but slightly more than Perimeter and Lite Systems. Each day brings me closer to ditch the old fashioned can/pendant light style from 1924 even if they have 5k LEDs.
  4. cjr3559

    Perimeter vs Lite Systems

    What size light and table do you have? I’m wondering if the RectanGI mini works well with a 9ft table. Unless I can see an example in person, I’m not convinced I’d need to spend to close double the price for the 9ft light. This goes for both LiteSystems and Perimeter brands.
  5. cjr3559

    St Louie Louie Feature Film

    Being some two decades younger than Louie Roberts, I don’t know much about him but the name definitely rings a bell. A documentary would be interesting, but then again you could say the same for most pool players. A quick search found these videos:
  6. cjr3559

    Opinions on the Gold Crown V

    I’m a Brunswick fanboy. I’ve played on all the GCs except probably the II. Own the V. The V is my favorite and the IV is a very close second. I’m no bank champion but I think all GCs bank the best and predictable. Maybe because that’s what I grew up playing on. I think there’s no question...
  7. cjr3559

    Lost and Found….Minnesota Fats movie

    The story about recovering the print was more interesting than the movie, though I am really happy to have seen it. The best actor was the first One Pocket player. Cool slip stroke too. Fats was great to see, though it seems he was just plopped into the film and out of place. He’s the...
  8. cjr3559

    Pool Table in 35 Million Home in Carmel California

    I’m a believer you can tell how seriously someone plays by the lighting fixture.
  9. cjr3559

    Items taken to the pool hall getting weird.

    Bringing a bowling ball and pins to the pool hall would be weird. Rack and billiard balls not so much.
  10. cjr3559

    For the Taom Chalk Users

    I got a piece of the new Pagulayan square version of V10. Still dropped it. Tests are being conducted on whether square or round chalk will rest further away from the user once dropped on vinyl tile.
  11. cjr3559

    Color or Money goof?

    Absolutely 😄 All these years watching that scene I was sure it was a combo off the 6 but assumed the 7 was sitting next door. Funny it’s the 3. I was surprised to find Whitaker didn’t even use a cue ball in those shots. It’d be great to hear Sigel provide some insight on how he worked with...
  12. cjr3559

    Color or Money goof?

    For the ‘lady is actually sawed in half’ believers. Just play the scene back super slo-mo with a decent quality copy, not a 144-240p example. The table layout at the scene beginning. Amos cues up the 1 ball and shoots it directly into the side. Meanwhile the CB is to the right. Getting...
  13. cjr3559

    Color or Money goof?

    It only gets worse. Play the scene from the beginning at .25 speed and notice Amos stroking at the 1. Meanwhile the real CB is sitting squarely in the middle of the table. Then he shoots the 1 directly into the side without striking anything else. You can’t take this stuff seriously. Movies...
  14. cjr3559

    Pagulayan brand chalk - TAOM formula

    Got Alex’s chalk finally. Never noticed the coincidental lion underneath the V10 until today. Same with the warning for those inclined to snack between shots. Well, these chalks ARE that good…
  15. cjr3559

    This is how you know you might be playing with some rough customers…

    Kick a man, how about someone kicked the wall in that joint.
  16. cjr3559

    Blatt Billiards a Century of pool and games

    I considered making a trip to the Blatt NJ showroom when I was in the market for a table in ‘19. Though I’m content with my setup, I’ll never know what I missed browsing around that place. Life could have turned out completely differently!
  17. cjr3559

    Least favorite cue ball

    My experiences starting with the worst: Oversized barbox Worn/Oblong-ish Scuffed/Damaged/or otherwise surface compromised Underweight Dirty Mismatched with OBs/Overweight Any/All of the above combined As far as actual CBs I’m not a fan: Aramith Tournament with black logo seems like a...
  18. cjr3559

    National Treasure

    This man has to be the all time record holder of finishes like this. Hill-Hill race to 20. They love him!
  19. cjr3559

    70s/80s Era Questions

    I was young in the 80s, but tables in commercial settings seemed slow because everyone smoked and the cloth was totally contaminated. Not to mention the balls. OTOH, tournament conditions from back then appear fast and clean.
  20. cjr3559

    2024 AZ Billiards Straight Pool Challenge!

    Got a break and run 15 last night.