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  1. smenzel

    New forum rules regarding posting of links

    I photograph players at pool tournaments and store the images on my hosting site. Would people be interested in seeing these images? Presumably, it would be ok to share these links (one gallery per tournament) provided there's some descriptive text explaining a bit about the tournament and...
  2. smenzel

    Northwest 9-Ball Championship (LIVE)

    Apologies for being late to the party but here are some images from the inaugural Northwest 9-Ball Championship at Snoqualmie Casino (WA). <>
  3. smenzel

    WPBA tour schedule

    I believe the WPBA only holds three events each year : RTC (Regional Tour Championships) in mid-January, Soaring Eagle in late January and Rivers Open in mid-April. You can see the dates on their web site. <>
  4. smenzel

    Drama Meltdown: Female VS Male Pro Players

    I heard somewhere that women's tournaments have stricter guidelines (code of conduct) than the general / men's tournaments.
  5. smenzel

    Copyright Question : AZBilliards News Articles

    Thanks, Ryan. Perhaps I wasn't clear but AZBilliards uses two watermarks. One is their logo that they appear to add to every news image. The other is their copyright which, as far as I can tell, they only add to certain images (including mine). I'm ok with the first. It's the latter that I'm...
  6. smenzel

    Copyright Question : AZBilliards News Articles

    Silly question that I'm not sure where to post. I'm sure there's a perfectly good explanation. I just can't find the right person to enlighten me. Here goes : Why does AZBilliards claim the copyright on my already copyrighted images when used for news articles? This has happened on several...
  7. smenzel

    APA Down East Rant

    Great write-up. Bummer that your LO and LM don't sound like very upstanding people.
  8. smenzel


    Great story. Enjoy the cue. And that girlfriend of yours sounds like a keeper!
  9. smenzel

    Is the APA still making a decent profit?

    Interesting. In our area, any greens fees are paid by the teams directly to the bar, pool hall, etc.
  10. smenzel

    BCA Eight Ball Rule Question

    Agreed. I think it's just good practice to confirm fouls before touching the cue ball.
  11. smenzel


    Is Tapatalk optimized for larger devices such as iPads?
  12. smenzel

    What warrants negative iTrader feedback?

    Agreed. No feedback is a fine option. This begs the question about how you and the seller attempted to resolve this issue.
  13. smenzel

    watcha think about this league operator ?

    Sounds like you have a good LO. Glad to hear it.
  14. smenzel

    An ethical question

    I've been a captain for six or eight years now. Forgive me for saying this but I think your focus is entirely too narrow. It sounds like you just realized that this might be a problem and are wondering what to do. I look at this all year long. I work with my players the entire year and know...
  15. smenzel

    FS: Jensen Model J Tribute

    Very nice looking cue.
  16. smenzel

    An ethical question

    And to answer the original question, sitting a player out for a week or three is team management.
  17. smenzel

    An ethical question

    Just to be a little more technically correct, you enter LTC as the higher of your current SL or your SL when your team qualified. This is to keep a team from qualifying in summer or fall and then lowering a player's skill level before LTC. Also, in order to participate in LTC (same as...
  18. smenzel

    Weekly pool tourneys in Seattle area?

    I just read that Empire Billiard and Snooker will be hosting an 8-Ball tournament on Tuesdays starting at 7PM with a $10 buy in and 100% payout.
  19. smenzel

    Pool Table F/S - Best ad online

    Funniest ad I've seen in a long time :)