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  1. snookerindy1981

    down the rail

    I have been watching the snooker on the internet now for three years. How can they make pots going down the rail so easily? Even when my table was at my father's house and then I moved it to my house and had the new cloth and rails put on it is impossible to pot a ball down the rail. Something...
  2. snookerindy1981

    Ronnie's entrance

    THANKS! Greatly appreciate it
  3. snookerindy1981

    Ronnie's entrance

    Anyone know where I can find video of Ronnie's entrance from today's first session? BBC has it but of course since living here in the states can't get it. Any help greatly appreciated.
  4. snookerindy1981

    All the spots covered...

    And the pink is potted - where is it spotted? We ended up putting in front of the red that covered its spot
  5. snookerindy1981

    Selby's fluke on the yellow

    Does anyone know if this shot has been posted on youtube or anywhere else yet when Selby got the yellow to jump off the table and it went diagonal to the opposite pocket against Mark Williams?
  6. snookerindy1981

    The Masters 2013

    have no idea what I did - still europsport all over the place maybe if I changed browsers
  7. snookerindy1981

    The Masters 2013

    grrrrrrrrr had the BBC feed and then suddenly sportlemon switch over to EuroSport - WHAT?
  8. snookerindy1981

    BBC America

    Why doesn't this channel carry snooker events from England? I would think there might be some interest to carry some of the three tournaments the homeland channel carries over here on BBC America.
  9. snookerindy1981

    Contact lenses. Love em or hate em?

    Definitely contacts for me; when I wear glasses when I bend to aim I don't have a solid look through my lenses and I have to look up through and the balls are all blurry. Thus I always put my contacts in when I play even when i play my sons.
  10. snookerindy1981

    Back at it

    OK after having some medical and computer complications throughout the summer I happy to say I am back playing on a regular basis! Played extremely well last week. My last frame the other night was extraordinary. I needed two snookers with only the pink and black left and then pot them both for...
  11. snookerindy1981

    BBC World Championship Feed

    I thought last year there was a BBC link where at the beginning and between sessions it would also show Hazel Irvine and the commentators outside The Crucible doing like a round-table discussion and then also doing some trick shots or reenacting shots from previous World Championships. Couldn't...
  12. snookerindy1981

    World Snooker Proffesional Championships 2012

    I got the BBC feed on fromsport and hahasport for about five minutes and then this huge menu -item bar pops up (like when you click on your "all programs" in windows) and it doesn't go away. So pretty much stuck watching the Eurosport feed.:angry:
  13. snookerindy1981

    Worst game EVER!

    Dear Lords of Snooker have to be embarrassed with what they just witnessed on the baize at my house in our fifth and DECIDER of afternoon play. Buddy of mine and I playing and taking advantage of the President's Day holiday. The colors somehow got placed in horrible positions. We took turns...
  14. snookerindy1981

    Out of line?

    that's why I went out and bought new snooker balls when I had my table recovered and the rails remade back in September. I now have 15 red, yellow, green, BROWN, blue, PINK and black. I was tired of not having the correct kind of Aramith balls I saw being used while watching the tournaments on...
  15. snookerindy1981

    Ronnie was robbed

    I say Ronnie was ROBBED big time in today's sixth frame. Here is with the frame and possibly even the match in the balance and Denis Taylor cracks a joke about mistaking a spectator as Patsy Fagan. And the crowd at the Ally Pally breaks out in laughter just as Ronnie is about to size up his shot...
  16. snookerindy1981

    playing six of last 10 days

    Began last week on Christmas Eve and played until about 3am last Wednesday - had to work four days and began playing again yesterday morning and probably will play again until early Wednesday morning. Been playing with my sons for the most part and after they go to bed playing against myself. I...
  17. snookerindy1981

    BBC telecast on Internet

    my computer protection won't let me go to mypremium and haha is not carrying the BBC links!
  18. snookerindy1981

    Foul & Miss scenario

    thanks all for the clarification! AWESOME per usual!
  19. snookerindy1981

    Foul & Miss scenario

    The match is into the colors of rotation. Player A leads Player B 55-29 after potting the brown. Player A is corner hooked on the blue; shoots and misses. Is Player B allowed to make Player A shoot from the original spot two more times and if he misses both times the match is awarded to Player...
  20. snookerindy1981

    BBC telecast on Internet

    How do I find it? It is not only sportslemon. I like the BBC better than Eurosport.