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  1. cuemasterpieces

    wrapless full splice Tascarella

    Ohhh myy ...please put it away getting weak :thumbup: Good luck for your sale Sir
  2. cuemasterpieces

    What did you buy at the Derby City Classic?

    Cool find Jamie :) Congrats Berny
  3. cuemasterpieces


    Looking for a MAT Case If you got one or know from any who will sell one pleace let me know. Berny
  4. cuemasterpieces

    Just little Mike Bender

    fancy :smile:
  5. cuemasterpieces

    Who Made This Case

    Get in touch with Marc from MATCASE. He can help you with a case like that. Berny
  6. cuemasterpieces

    Loaded classic Tascarella

    I know that Lady :) Can`t go wrong with her. Sad to hear you didnt play anymore Buddy :sorry:
  7. cuemasterpieces

    My personal cue

    Nice Kenny, are you doing also wrapless Fullsplice? Your old dude Berny
  8. cuemasterpieces

    Tooled Chocolate Elephant 2X4

    superb Rusty :)
  9. cuemasterpieces

    ***tasc hoppe***

    Amacing Tasc .... bargain imo :cool:
  10. cuemasterpieces

    Tascarella owners club only entire here !

    stunnig absolutly stunning .... i am very happy to see such great pieces ...and all the love and appreciation that still is out there for the Petes exceptional Work .. truly masterpieces :smile-square: Berny
  11. cuemasterpieces

    Ain't No School Like The Old School

    Glad you got it back buddy ..... i know excatly what you have been trough loosing stuff you love .... have to part with 80% of my cues for some private shit ...but hey ...still got a couple left ... so i am still "a lucky boy" i guess :wink: Enjoy your new "old baby" .... can`t go wrong with a...
  12. cuemasterpieces

    *** South West " 900 " Hulsey Full Splice ***

    Woow .... Congrats Sir
  13. cuemasterpieces

    :: Made in China Perfection // ZEN Cues Galore ::

    Impressive Stuff ...even i am no more fancy guy inbetween :)
  14. cuemasterpieces

    ✦◊✦ Tonkin Twins ✦◊✦

    Nice Cues Jamie ...congrats
  15. cuemasterpieces

    Let's See Your Fullsplice Cues!!

    Some from better days :rolleyes: 3 of them are still mine ... hope to rise again some day
  16. cuemasterpieces

    I want to see your MATCASE

    Art Still exceptional work my friend ...hope you`re doing well
  17. cuemasterpieces

    Joe Whitten built me a sweet little 1x2 for my Gina box cue

    perfect pair :yeah: congrats Jimmy
  18. cuemasterpieces

    When Paul Mottey is your teacher... your FIRST cue may look like this....

    wooow Old School ..... amazing piece :woot: