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    Oscar barking at Karl Boyes

    Not gonna happen. Karl doesn't "not play anymore" but he has another career now and is in no position to put the time in. More than good enough to have a crack at, and a chance in, a tournament but I think that's your lot.
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    dennis calling out anyone, 200k...

    None of them will take that challenge because they are huge underdogs. Gareth Potts issued a similar challenge a few years ago and nobody accepted. There is absolutely no way anyone (other than a top Chinese Heyball pro, but why would they bother, or Gareth Potts) would accept a challenge like...
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    Small pockets ruining the game

    Agree. Interestingly, Neils Feijen is also a proponent of alternate breaks.
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    UK Too Slow

    Said it before and I'll say it again. The main reason elite players "play slow" when there is no shot clock is that they actually need time to work out which is the optimal shot for them at that particular time for that particular non-routine shot. Their opponents don't complain. Folk on the...
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    Are Top Level Pool Players Better Today?

    Yes of course they are better today than they were in the past. This is obvious to anyone who watches the top players play pool.
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    WNT Nineball Ranking Event : Scottish Open (1-5 May)

    Boyes isn't quite "retired". He was playing English pool occasionally in recent years - he even won a tournament (I think it might have been an Ultimate Pool event). If you are playing any cue sport at an elite level then you are "in stroke". So while he has fallen away, he's not that far behind.
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    Pia Filler Makes History as First (and only) Female Pro on WNT

    Siming Chen has no personality at the table. She could be very competitive in open competition but, while she is an elite player, she is not a top top player. Pia is just a better story, hence the promotion by Matchroom.
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    Deliberate foul query - 8-ball (and brief tournament experience)

    Intentional fouls are part and parcel of 8 ball. It's rare that they are the best move, but they are certainly allowed. I'm surprised at the TD as most tournaments in Asia are played according to the actual rules (and everyone knows them). However, I've never been to China so it could be a...
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    Ultimate Pool Louisiana Open

    Exactly my point. They were available but through a convoluted route. To be fair though, Heyball is just as bad at its best and Matchroom was pretty poor in the early days of its latest pool incarnation. None of this is rocket science but the reality is that pool is only on the way to being run...
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    Ultimate Pool Louisiana Open

    There were online brackets but they were very hard to find. Ultimate Pool has been sh1te at this from day one, almost like it's their little secret. Some of the rules are indeed odd. They have an opportunity to fix them. Let's hope for a good outcome on both fronts.
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    2024 World Snooker Championship (Apr 20th - May 6th)

    He He, like Steve Davis, appears to be in a good place.
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    2024 World Snooker Championship (Apr 20th - May 6th)

    This is a good watch. Steve Davis and Stephen Hendry's tongue in cheek yet brutally honest thoughts on this year's World Championship.
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    Ultimate Pool Louisiana Open

    The WEPF has adopted "International Rules" as a replacement for "World Rules". If International Rules had been around much earlier, I'm sure the WPA would have sanctioned them (rather than Blackball) as their choice for the official rules of the yellow and red small ball game. They are the...
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    Ultimate Pool Louisiana Open

    The rules are "International Pool Rules" - nowadays used in English pool and destined to eliminate clumsier rulesets from the pro game. The main differences from WPA rules are: -It's not call shot -You "nominate" your group when the table is open (you can't, for example, hit a solid first to...
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    Jayson Shaw another huge high run of 560

    Blackball is a tougher game than "American" 8 Ball. It's not a better game, it's a crap game that shouldn't exist. But the reality is it is tougher and anyone who excels at it will beat most 700s fargos in their sleep. "Really, that counts? lololololol!" just makes you sound like a twinklestump.
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    Shaw on 434 live now

    I was so close to running three racks the other day. Only problem was I missed the 13th ball of the first rack.
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    Break cue weight

    Player 19.5 Break definitely lighter but don't even know how much it weighs.
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    "Best of" vs. "Race to" in Snooker

    I think "race to" is a relatively new expression. "Best of" or even "first to" imply a fair game with alternating breaks. "Race to" fits winner breaks better, although it is also used for alternating breaks. It also suggests lots of action. It's crossed over to the extent that it is used almost...
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    Alternating Break Poll