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    SBE Results

    Hopeful that all results and payouts will be posted soon. Thank you. Wayne Agnew
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    Turning Stone Brackets

    Are current brackets available anywhere? Wayne Agnew
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    Name a pool hall you wish was still open today

    Diamond Billiards Diamond Billiards in Lancaster Pa. had to close due to rent increase. Beautiful room owned by Coby Atkins.
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    Jimmy Matz

    Hey Dave, Met the new "Smooth" last week when he inspected a place of mine. 125# less makes him a whole new man. He does'nt play and says you don't either. I play a bar league Thursday in Lancaster and the straight pool league that will start soon at Leisure Lanes. Are you in York now...
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    Revo (love it but it hits awful)

    Scott, When do you use which one? Wayne Agnew
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    Sigel / Margo

    Is there any update on the Sigel / Margo tavern league? Wayne
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    Spot 14.1 Tourney

    Spot Tourney, Does anyone have any scores or brackets? 14.1 Tourney at spot Billiards Nanuet, NY. Thanks, Wayne Agnew
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    Diamond bar tables

    Are there any 7 footers around Lancaster, Pa to practice for the Expo. Thank you, Wayne
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    U.S. Open 9-Ball Opinion from Pat Fleming

    Pat, You surely don't deserve the disrespect from the Behrmans after all you did for the Open through the years. My brother Jack and I are greatly sorry that there will be no Open this year. Hopefully Matchroom will do a great job in the future. We wish you all the best with your...
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    US Open 9 Ball - Hey Brady Behrman

    Hi Brady, Please tell us what is happening for 2018. BD Mag article says you plan to move. How about an update? Sincerely, Wayne Agnew
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    One Pocket Lessons From The Greatest

    TRW 1P book Is your ip book available? Where can I buy it? Thank you. Wayne Agnew 717-940-0498
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    Speed Joint Pin

    Anyone know where to buy a Speed Joint Pin for a Fury cue?
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    Name a pool hall you wish was still open today

    closed pool room Casino in Harrisburg, Pa was a great room for many years.
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    Name a pool hall you wish was still open today

    Old pool rooms The "Casino" was a great room in Harrisburg, Pa. located under the Senate movie theater.
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    SBE amateur results

    Are the amateur results posted anywhere on AZ? I can only find pro results. Thank you.
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    Jays new book

    Scott, We will both be playing Saturday, Sunday we hope. Arriving Friday will look for you. Wayne
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    Jays new book

    Jay, Will you be at the Expo to sell and autograph them? Thank You, Wayne Agnew
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    Any Word On How Danny Harriman Is Doing?

    Get well Danny, Come on and fight just like you are going for a 100 ball run. You can do it. I will have you in my prayers every night and day until you are well. We met at Valley Forge a few years ago and you told me all about the restaurant and the chili recipe. Your fan...
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    New pool hall in Mankato MN now OPEN!

    New Kato Poolroom What is the name of the great new owner?
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    14.1 Payouts

    What were the cash payouts for the World 14.1 tourney? Who got paid what? Thank you very much. Wayne Agnew