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  1. MmmSharp

    Monday Night Dilemma

    Our hall has a monday night league for handicapped bca singles. They play two differnet playerd sets 5, ball count. 40 person league from bca 3-7 handicaps. One of the busiest nights. Too busy for me, i like the quieter leagues.
  2. MmmSharp

    Custom Cue (Ocean Beach Theme)

    Made me think of an old shark comic.
  3. MmmSharp

    58'' standard cue length needs to be bumped to 59/60''

    The cue should fit the person. If you have crazy long mutant arms and need a longer cue to have good fundmentals, for sure go with a longer cue. I am just shy of 6'. Over 6' in my work boots. 58 cue works perfect for me, outside a few stretch shots. At which point I use the rake. A...
  4. MmmSharp

    Where’s all the newbies(new to AZB)?

    I would say it is confirmed to be a bunch of grumpy old men. Not just viewed as. Still the best place for pool advice and resources. I learned more billiards history here than anywhere else.
  5. MmmSharp

    Advice on how to stay down on the shot more consistently?

    I try to wait until a ball drops and/or focus on my follow through. Something i know helped a friend, he had is wife put her hand on his back, which reminded him not to jump up. cant do that in a game, but when practicing it help him get in the habit of staying down.
  6. MmmSharp

    Tascarella owners club only entire here !

    Nice. I dont believe the timeframe would change if you changed the woods. 12-18months is a pretty standard response, depending on schedule and the time he likes let things settle. I feel he may over estimate timelines with new people, and than finish early making everyone happy. Just a...
  7. MmmSharp

    Tascarella owners club only entire here !

    I prefer wrapless fullsplice hoppe's. Not many builders do their own fullsplice these days, but Pete still does. Full splice take longer, at least, when i spoke them last a number of years ago. Back than the difference was 1year for a full splice, verses 6m for a 4 pointer. I still...
  8. MmmSharp

    It’s not the league

    I think the main reason people reccomend bca over apa is that it is more true to the ruleset and no hidden handicapping system. I prefer bca/wpa rules. Leagues have a place. I am not one for group leagues though. I go to the hall to play, not sit and watch other people play. I play singles...
  9. MmmSharp

    How do you dress or appear at a pool hall?

    Now i have to go back and look up that series. Man, was that every a good laugh.
  10. MmmSharp

    Help…in search of the oldest cue I can get

    I posted this fellows site before. He has a hell of a collection, and one of the best write ups on bruswick history. I dont know if he is selling any though. He use to post on azb a long time ago, before my time. I chatted with him in email to get his take on some old brunswicks in the...
  11. MmmSharp

    your paying too much for cues

    Heh. I bought an OB 10-12 years ago that people said was too much, 600$ for it back than, still a great cue today. Than met somone who had a carmeli for sale that looked and played great. i got at a steal of a price but was told the carmeli was too much cue for me back than. The carmeli sold...
  12. MmmSharp

    I’ve now seen it all!

    You forgot AZB Forum.
  13. MmmSharp

    Predator True-splice (full splice)

    Just a quick note. True splice is not the same as full splice. Predator Marketing is specifically using the word "true" because of that. Marketing spin. I wouldn't refer to them as professional equipment either. These are production cues, not professional cues. I am not sure i would call...
  14. MmmSharp

    Best Playing Cue Builder

    My full spice Sugartree is a favorite as a playing cue. Anyone who tries it is blown away. I get offers for it all the time, but i know better than to let it go. CAM cues are amazing players. Chad knows how to make a cue. He likes classic styles, which suits me just fine. I have been...
  15. MmmSharp

    Belly Pat 10-1

    Thugs ? Bugs, lugs, mugs or rugs ? Definitely not using slugs, as i know you are pro shooter. I am not much of a hugger. I had a lady at our hall hug me one night when we were all out, and gave her the awkward back pat that basically says get not interested. She responded with a "Wow, i...
  16. MmmSharp

    Belly Pat 10-1

    I like to pat my opponents belly and tell them they have a chubby tumtums in one of those voices i reserve for pet dogs. It lets them know what i think of them.
  17. MmmSharp

    Cloned playing cue vs cue designed for breaking

    I tried the CF break shafts and found it makes a noticeable difference for me. I have the rogue break shaft on a nice butt, 3-8-10 joint. Love it, and people who try it love it. They are surprised at how it changes their break. My player is solid maple shafts. Never could adjust to cf or...
  18. MmmSharp

    Cue auction for Ukraine🇺🇦**

    I recieved mine a few months ago. It is well built, looks good. Plays very solid. Like a one piece cue. I was very impressed with how flush butt/shaft joint is. When together there is no seam. I would have no issue trusting Anton with another build.
  19. MmmSharp

    Jim Odom Cues- My First ONE- VERY IMPRESSED!

    Hell of a cue, especially for that price. I would take an old fullsplice like that over a pricy production cue any day.
  20. MmmSharp

    cue porn, sorry, not sorry

    Thats a pretty cue. Who made it ?