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  1. northdakotafats

    Are finger grooves in jump cues marketing gimmicks?

    I like the groove on my Hanshew. I don't dart much but when I do I'm glad the groove is there.
  2. northdakotafats

    Gold Crown Cue Rack - Rubber Nib Alternative?

    I had this exact same issue a few years ago. I ended up buying a roll of rubber cord off ebay. Can't remember what diameter I got but it worked great.
  3. northdakotafats

    Diamond pocket question…

    I actually had this problem with some replacement pockets for my Brunswick table. I used some sticky 4" wide velcro strips (soft side) and stuck them where the ball was hitting the back of the pocket. Worked like a charm and barely noticeable since its black on black.
  4. northdakotafats

    Pagulayan brand chalk - TAOM formula

    Hmm. I see that now on his website. I might have been mistaken then. It probably is the same as v10.
  5. northdakotafats

    Pagulayan brand chalk - TAOM formula

    I thought I only saw green on Alex's website but I could be wrong. I got the green either way.
  6. northdakotafats

    Pagulayan brand chalk - TAOM formula

    I bought a cube a couple weeks ago. Compared it to my friends V10. Alex's has a bit more grit to it and doesn't seem like it would last quite as long.
  7. northdakotafats

    The new I can’t get better without a gadgets are in

    That is excessive and unnecessary lol.
  8. northdakotafats

    Brunswick Joss Or Not

    It looks like something Joss would make back in the day, that's for sure.
  9. northdakotafats

    10 Reasons Why the HALF-BALL HIT is so Important

    That scratch in the corner prop bet is awesome! Thanks for the video Dr. Dave
  10. northdakotafats

    Thinking about switching to a leather wrap

    I've had a cork wrap for several years now and love it. Still looks brand new but I would agree they are not durable. I'm pretty good to my cues.
  11. northdakotafats

    mini split for garage pool table

    Depending on the climate you live in you might want to check into Gree mini splits. They currently offer the lowest heating temps. I believe they will work to -20 deg F. I work for a Daikin distributor but we also sell Gree. If it doesn't get that cold where you live all of the mini splits...
  12. northdakotafats

    Complete list of billiard movies

    I want to watch Metal Billiard.
  13. northdakotafats

    The slickest/smoothest carbon fiber shaft?

    You can wet sand most CF shafts. If they have a coating like the Defy though you'll probably ruin it though.
  14. northdakotafats

    Savannah “The RoadRunner” Easton using a wood shaft?

    Revo or Z3 deflects more?
  15. northdakotafats

    Do you have a pool crush?

    I'll go with Maggie F. She's nice on the eyes.
  16. northdakotafats

    Revo 2

    I'm sure the manufacturers of CF shafts know way more about them than anyone here on AZ. The thread asked what I would like to see in the Revo 2 and I answered. I don't like CF due to the feel and they feel too stiff to me.
  17. northdakotafats

    Revo 2

    They do flex at impact so I think making the shaft slightly softer in a section would get the CF shafts closer to wood feeling.
  18. northdakotafats

    Revo 2

    Different kick points like golf shafts have.
  19. northdakotafats

    How Adam Japan makes cues

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing.