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    Hi! Is this my friend Denny, son of Pete?

    Hi! Is this my friend Denny, son of Pete?
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    Band Saw

    DoAll 16" min. 3/4" blade Variable speed can cut metal or wood (specific band needed for each)
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    Please help identify this cue.

    Yep. If it had 5 points I would have said McDaniel.
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    The Trump Cue.

    Luckily it doesn't resemble Web Hubble or Chelsea
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    Would you buy a cue with snakewood in it?

    Go back and take another look at the Tasc. The small, peppery looking figure is as good as it gets.
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    Shadows on table after installing Diamond light

    Get Cree COB LEDs
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    FS: Amboyna burl and Ebony...

    That is fresh man.
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    Sorry Tip Question ? What is the best leather tip today non laminated

    soaked and pressed Triangle
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    Bad Juma?

    There you go, black inlay - tell 'em it covers the Pet ID chip
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    Bad Juma?

    Easiest after India ink is to inlay over spot. Ivory dot or something similar.
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    oh my ....... new Whitten

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    Shelby Williams tribute cue.

    K o a ?
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    Identifying Wood

    Cocobolo is Rosewood
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    Five point cues

    I was looking at some real old McDaniel cues for sale and a couple were 5 point veneer cues. 70's stuff.
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    IS PUERTO RICO Considered international shipping????

    Poor baby. You gonna keep stomping your feet and sucking your thumb? What does KMA mean to you?
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    IS PUERTO RICO Considered international shipping????

    "IS PUERTO RICO Considered international shipping????" He did not know PR was a US Commonwealth. Now he does. Your childish post is an embarrassment to the forum.
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    Phil Mickelson's Pause at Back in Putting Stroke

    He should start his stroke from back there!
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    Need help IDing some old Camel Tour player photos

    Sporty cues!
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    Looking for some help

    3D print it for the prototype.
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    Bill McDaniel unplayed ebony merrywidow with 2 shafts

    Classiest ring work you'll ever see on a MW