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    Podcasts.....are you listening?

    I listen to Cue it Up all the time. Love Neight, Rob and our very own Tin Man (Demetrius Jelatis). I’ll give the AZ one a try. Thanks
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    My home room saga

    Making the most of a bad situation ��. Looking forward to this thread again
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    Difference between 3/8-10 and 3/8-11

    One extra thread per inch
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    Aranas vs. Filler Ten Ball

    I thought someone on the stream yesterday said Nosh was breaking running at a 60% clip. I don’t know the exact number but it wouldn’t surprise me. There’s no one on the planet who was beating him yesterday. No one
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    **incredible shot alert** Jeffrey DeLuna vs Jayson Shaw | 2020 Diamond Las Vegas Open

    Yeah I’d be jumping out of my chair. What a shot!!
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    jump shot test and a lesson I learned about practice along the way

    This is actually one of my goals during this quarantined time. To learn how to jump a ball. I know there’s YouTube videos on it. I still just can’t seem to get it. Granted I don’t own a jump cue but I do have a “shorty” in the rack for obstructed shots. I just have to commit to hitting a million...
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    YouTube pool video comments

    You’re spot on with this. I love Efren Reyes as much as the next guy but you can’t so much as pay a compliment to another player without someone chiming in with bata this and that...
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    Where's Glen Hancock (Therealkingcobra)?!?

    Jerimy did my home table. Nice guy. Good on him for stepping up
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    i could listen to jermery jones read the dictonary

    Efren is the man no doubt, but he’s terrible on the mic. “I got lucky” His post match interviews are about as useful as Greg Pops halftime interviews... He’s still the 🐐 though!!
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    i could listen to jermery jones read the dictonary

    I also love Jeremy Jones. He’s my favorite. Now Jay Helfert in the booth with JJ.. a dream team imo.
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    World Pool Fan Vote

    Thanks for sharing. I didn’t see where we can vote though. At least not on my iPhone
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    World open 8 ball championship???

    Ok, so I’m not the only one who raised an eyebrow at this.
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    Cue Sports Gear Swap - Event Organization Advice?

    Hopefully someone with some experience chimes in. I’ve never been to one but I’d like to. Let us know the info if this gets rolling
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    World open 8 ball championship??? Not trying to crap on anyone’s idea. I’m all for pool and big prizes. All the typos and misleading info. I ..I.. I don’t know where to start. It seems a little over ambitious. We’ll put it that way.
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    who is John Disque????? you tube videos

    He’s nutty enough, I have to like him. Subbed
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    Tin Man partners with Cue It Up Podcast

    Really cool! Just found this podcast 2 weeks ago. Can’t say I care for their direction in giving up sponsors but adding you is a great step forward. Looking forward to it
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    How to Break and Run 9-Ball

    Nice, clean and simple. Subbed
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    I just watched the Strickland story

    He's a disturbed genius. This video made me hate him slightly less but only slightly. I will say it was very well done. I wish they had gone into more detail on some things such as color of money, million dollar challenge etc. I guess that would would've taken too long. Oh well. Am I the...
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    On The Road Again with Perfect Aim....

    Let us know when you go back to Beloit or the Chicago area. You gave me a lesson and it really helped knowing I'm right handed but left eye dominant. I'd love to meet up with you guys, buy you a drink and give you guys some cheap action
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    Best state,city for pool???

    I would probably have to say Louisiana