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  1. Masirib5

    Micarta Twins

    As usual! Beautiful cues Joey. Hard to beat a JoeyInCali cue! --Jeff
  2. Masirib5

    Dave Jones Full Splice Ebony John Davis Blank

    Nice cue Jeff! --Jeff
  3. Masirib5

    Amboyna Burl and Ebony...

    Nice cue Al ! --Jeff
  4. Masirib5

    Show your JoeyInCali cue photos please

    Beautiful cues Joey!!!! --Jeff
  5. Masirib5

    Super Senior One Pocket Classic

    Good luck John!!!! --Jeff
  6. Masirib5

    who has the best stroke in the world ?

    Best stroke I ever saw (in person and playing him) was Leonardo Andam. RIP Dodong! So smooth and accurate and great position always. --Jeff
  7. Masirib5

    Centerball...haters gonna hate

    So the OP says haters gonna hate? WTF does that mean? Meaning that people hate because they might have an opposing point of view? Trying to deflect any criticism people may have? BS --Jeff
  8. Masirib5

    The Average Salary of a Professional Pool Player

    Salary? I find that an interesting word to use. Are they hired by a pool room to teach, run the cash register. cook. clean the toilets etc. If you are a tournament player and win, that is not a salary. If you break into coin machines in car washes, that is not a salary. If you gamble and win...
  9. Masirib5

    2015 US OPEN 10-BALL & 8-BALL CHAMPIONSHIPS! July 24-31, Las Vegas, NV!

    7 footers? Why so big? You can fit a lot more 4 footers in the venue. Why not bumper pool? No wonder Justin left CSI --Jeff
  10. Masirib5

    Something "New" for the cue world

    IS it the same as a Mo Fau cue?
  11. Masirib5

    "Tribute" cues? Seriously?

    "They are usually made by some crappy maker in Asia" --Your ASS!
  12. Masirib5

    Chohan vs smith updates

    Well he has only been practicing for a couple weeks after being away from the game for 5 years. Give him some time and he will take on anyone again! --Jeff
  13. Masirib5

    Tony "T-Rex" Chohan is home!

    Tony is a good man. I wish him the best of everything and he is always welcome in my home. Even though my home is halfway around the world. He will need some time to adjust and decompress and catch up with his family and friends. Good job Tony staying out of trouble and taking college courses...
  14. Masirib5

    assembly methods

    Ivory anyone?
  15. Masirib5

    KO - World Champion

    sorry I made a typo 2nd runner up is 3rd place.
  16. Masirib5

    KO - World Champion

    1st runner up is second place. Second runner up is 3rd place
  17. Masirib5

    Alanvo is a thief!!!

    Alvano = Internet Marketing Specialist! Ha! --Jeff
  18. Masirib5

    Thoughts & Prayers for Mark Griffin

    Great news! --Jeff